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For all the Rand Paul fans here, this poll has Rubio beating Paul by about

470 votes last time I checked.

You know what to do


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Rand Will Not Win The Nomination

Any candidate for GOP nomination or to win the White House can not speak of smaller-government. We have slipped into a heavy socialism that will not be escaped until something major in money and/or the economy happens.

I will support Rand, but if he vies for POTUS he has to come with a message of smaller goverment through privitization of services through existing workforce and show that said workers will make more money under such a system. The government can take over or back over said services in time of war and/or act of congress.

The example above is the only pro-business, smaller-government, pro-libertarian message I can think of that might take with the general populace at this point, but I doubt it very seriously. I'm just studying and trying to keep apprised of how to protect wealth.

Zionist filth

These people calling themselves "Tea Party" and quoting Thomas Jefferson are vilest of the vile Zionist filth. Just check where their poll page is leading to following Facebook page:


That page is splattered with Zionist propaganda and flags of Israel and pictures of scum like George Bush and Lieberman and all kinds of Zionist filth to pornographic proportions.

These people are not getting even 1 microsecond more of my attention.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I gave them my email and they didn't send poll results.

Do you have a link so I can follow the poll? Whats it at now?

The ObamaPhone lady is an

The ObamaPhone lady is an articulate Einstein compared to these Toothless Tea-o-Cons. The bottom of the barrel.

Ventura 2012

"Who did we leave out?"

Justin Amash

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I'd rather see Amash

Run for a Governor or Senator first...and what's with this "Tea Party" listing Every hack out there in this poll? I wrote in Jesse Ventura ... I would love to see him and a few other well known independent thinkers run in 2014 and 2016...

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This country will never

elect another Bush. Christie is the one we should worry about. They will be wacking it over Rubio on foxnews because they think just because he is latino, he will bring latino votes. Rand Paul will get in it, and we have to start the grassroots movement NOW!!!

2012 will be a very tough field of candidates...

1. Fox News is already hyping Jeb Bush! I saw Jeb Bush trending on yahoo : (
2. Rubio's gonna make a run even though he is ineligible : (
3. Chris Christie is soaring in popularity for complimenting Obama during Hurricane Sandy : (

It's so hard to tell which one of the above is going to be the establishment candidate. My gut says Skull & Bones relative, Jeb Bush!

At least Ron Paul's competition were all complete morons. Rand's got some REAL tough competition going forward.

They will all be establishment candidates...

much like Gingrich, Santorum and Cain kept the media circus going long enough to keep attention off of Dr. Paul.

I wonder if the liberty movement should even focus on the Presidency? TPTB will work very hard to make sure that an establishment candidate is hyped by the media, nominated by the party establishment, and ultimately elected by the electronic voting machines.

Wow! I agree with you 100%

We should totally focus on the Congressional races. At least make sure the republicans in office are REAL republicans and not RINOs. I think huge priorities should be placed on Congressional districts where the incumbent is retiring.

Additionally, Sheriff races should be focused on as well.

2012 Discredited the Rand strategy

Our best hope of 'inside' GOP track failed. Guess what? We'll say, "This time our guy is more mainstream." "This time GOP voters are really really ready for a non-moderate."

Guess what? Rubio will be the nominee and will probably lose because he's just nuts.

The Libertarian party won't work, we've tried that.

Only ONE hope: a new party of Libertarians and Tea Party. Guys like what Mark Levin pretend to be and us. They are getting short with GOP and if we can get at least a portion of that voting bloc, then we can dismantle the GOP one election at the time. Eventually, it will die off and you'll have the liberty party, and the statist party. Period.

I've talked about it before: columbiaparty.com

Problem with GOP strategy is establishment

The Tea Party voters are manipulated by them, but liberty voters (and tea party really) are undermined by the system and the establishment which guards it. Only hope is out of the system - but not as a fringe.

I really think there are enough Tea Party voters out there convinced that GOP is establishment - basically dems running the party - to make and alliance and a splinter.

confirms my thoughts

I said on election night that Rubio is going to be the clown they push under the guise of needing the latino vote. The idiots in the tea party will swallow it hook line and sinker because...he is so nice, so young and handsome, and he speaks so well. You know, the only qualities you look for in a president. lol

Let them push him he will be the 1st to stick his foot in mouth

He has no experience.

Rand debated senator Phil Graham when in High School while standing in for his father at a US Senate debate.

Rand will clobber Rubio.

The only difference between Rubio and Romney is Rubio is young and inexperienced.


I'm tired of people automatically discrediting

Rand Paul just because he endorsed Mitt Romney. Rand can hold his own in a debate very well, and the neo-cons will actually listen to him because, TO THEM, "he didn't "stonewall" the Republican Party when they needed him most."

He is STILL often the lone vote in the Senate, like Ron Paul was the lone vote in the House.

Keep watching him. In my book, last time I checked he had between a 95-100% Constitutional voting record. Wouldn't that be wonderful to sneak in a Constitutionalist?

I agree with you but...

I am at a point where I don't even think it matters. Dr. Paul hammered not only the Romulan, but everyone else and it didn't matter. I am starting to think more and more our fate will not be decided in elections and I just pray the change we seek can still be achieved without violence.

It's not anti-rand it's

Anti neo-con and rand is a mixture of libertarian and neo-con.
That makes him a neo-Tarian kinda like a vegetarian. But they eat meat.
But he is still a good person and he will be a great ally to the liberty movement.
unfortunately I don't think many Ron Paul supporters are going to even take part in any more sham elections unless Ron and Rand both ran together in the republican primary's.
They would also have to announce ASAP let's see what Ron has to say in January.
We are really in a mess and I take comfort at night knowing that Rand is in the senate and people like Justin and others are in the house fighting the fight.
That say Ron Paul is the only one who can save the Republican Party in 2016 so...
I mean both have an official 2016 Facebook page and Rand posten on Ron's page
And we have the judge talking about 2016 too so this could really be that big explosion of patriots next election cycle .
Rubio Dosnt have a chance
14 million people didn't vote because they know its all a big sham and the only person the would have proven to the people elections aren't a sham would have been Ron Paul
14 million people who didn't vote this time around will be 14mil+ people who will not vote for Rubio ither.
These morons just don't get it anymore.

It's obvious that you and

It's obvious that you and others have absolutely no clue what the term "neo-con" means when you use it to describe Rand Paul. Rand is about as far away from a neo-con as you can possibly get.

he endorsed and campaigned for

a war mongering, chicken hawk neocon.

oh i know he really didn't mean it. pu-leeze.

I called him a neo-Tarian not neo-con

neo-Tarian Rand and John McCain are best buds.
He endorsed Romney an voted for sanctions on Iran.
He Dosnt want to close all the bases oversees and he is borderline a warmonger.
That makes him a neo-Tarian.
Just the fact that he is a republican a didn't stand besides Ron Paul's classic republican ideas.
Puts him in the company of neo-cons.
if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck chances are its a duck.
The question now is will he be completely absorbed into the neo-con camp or will he help move the neo-cons over to libertarianism we shall see.

Debbie's picture

That's funny, they have every loser (except for Rand) on there!



I wrote-in Ron Paul




Just curious...

Would ANYBODY here vote for Rubio over Rand???

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I'm not interested in

voting for Rubio no matter who he runs against. Ted Cruz, yes, Rubio F no.

I wrote in Ron Paul btw.

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My God no.

My God no.

The Revolution Continues..

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Awww Hayel no !!!

Are you nuts??


I wouldn't be surprised if SOMEBODY would...

there are quite a few Anti-Rands here.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Perhaps you are speaking of

Perhaps you are speaking of yourself?