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I buy stamps on ebay for my amazon business at about 20% less that the going postal rate, for old stamps from the 60s and 70s that aren't worth anything as collectibles unless there is an error.

I also am not willing to send any of these stamps to anyone to use as postage (other than) for angry letters to their congressman (woman etc).


I will tell you that...

a handwritten postcard to a representative is worth more than an email.

a handwritten letter is worth more than a postcard.

a handwritten letter with U.S. postage attached is worth more than a silent scream in the night.


go on ebay, get some stamps, send a letter. Any letter. Write it out. Hit the key words - economy, student loans, debt, international bankers, monetary policy.

u.s. postage bulk
search it, research it, do it now.

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You can also send a letter 2 cents.

if you know how to it. And it's simple and "legal."

Ron Paul is My President

Sure you can send a letter for 2 cents. All you need to do is.

#1. Become a legally established nonprofit entity.
#2. Get a nonprofit mailing permit (NOT automatic by any means).
#3. PAY $200 (last I looked) annual fee for a mailing permit.
#4. Send at least 200 identical letters or 50 pounds.
#5. Strict guidelines as to what the mail can contain. No billing, many other rules regarding content.
#6. Mail is sublect to acceptance, including being opened and read by USPS employees.
#7. Mail must be presorted according to zip code following strict USPS guidelines.

So yeah, nonprofit bulk mail can be sent for 2 cents. But its not just a matter of knowing how to do it. And while it IS legal, it certainly isn't simple.