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And Who Assists You In Defending This, This Constitution?

And Who Assists You In Defending This, This Constitution?

Sir, I have no one to aid me in defending my constitution.

Very well. And who will come to your aid to defend this, as you call it, constitution?

Sir, I can call on no one to help me defend my constitution.

I see.

And at last, sir, I will ask you, who will you call to your side to at least define, to describe in some way this constitution of which you speak, and for which you seem so willing to give your life?

Sir, I can not do what you have asked. I can not call on any man to do any such thing as you have described. It is not my place to call them, neither is it the place of any nation of men to make such a call. To do so would be no less than the very slavery and indentured servitude which we seek to eradicate from the earth. That it might serve a greater good, yes, we might agree upon that. But to harness evil in the cause of good could only be seen, in victory or defeat, evil.

Who will come to my aide? That is not my business to know but it is my mind to guess; the tired. The weary. The long-suffering. The common laboring man. The overdrawn in all their forms who sees that one final struggle may be worth their very lives, as defeat will mean they no longer have lives to live.

If you ask if I have an army for my defense my answer is yes, it is they.

Do I hear another question on your lips?

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Norquist??? The ultimate

Norquist??? The ultimate insider of the GOP is to be watched.

The less educated Tea Partiers of 2010 were circumvented, dispersed, and redircted by the Dick Army, Glen Beck, Freedomworks crew in less than 2 years.

I suspect Norquist of sniffing hard for a way to do the same with the liberty movement here. I don't know, but I would find it hard to believe being where he has been politically that this is a heart felt call for liberty in our time...

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Who is against life?

It may be time to know better, who is, or who is not fighting for life.

As to the false Federalists and their Constitution: it may be a good idea to know why it was enacted in place of The State Constitutions under The Articles of Confederation.