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I think I found Ron Paul's long lost founding father.

Long read, but worth every minute. He was the first American to have his property foreclosed on, and the first to publish a fart joke. This is must read history, and a lot of effort was expended to try to make sure you never had the chance.


"Tom was around 48 years old when he arrived in New England in June 1624 over a 150 years before the birth of America. Imagine how pristine it must have looked and smelled in early summer, the air was famous for its sweet fragrance, unspoiled for thousands of years. Later he would write about the beauty of what he called New Canaan."

"Tom found the natives gentle and considerate. He hoped to bring a better life to them and he would certainly be more tolerant than the Pilgrims who saw the natives as devil possessed barely human creatures. Tom wanted to understand native culture. He learned the native language and believed that some words had the same pronunciation and meaning as their Greek or Latin equivalents which led him to suggest that the natives were descendants of ancient Troy. He insisted he didn’t trade them guns and metal knives only for profit, he wanted to help them defend themselves from stronger tribes invading to take their lands. He listened to their gossip and their dreams.

Most English thought it ironic that the natives lived a life of what Europeans thought was poverty amid the abundance of the New World. But Tom, who could not resist imagining all the ways the abundance could be exploited, nevertheless understood that the natives were not to be dismissed, as John Locke dismissed them, for “wasting” the natural resources of the new world. He understood their contentment living simple lives in harmony with nature. He even wondered if the native lifestyle made the European idea of wealth wrong. What good were piles of possessions that required constant protection? The natives lived without want, in communities of mutual trust, could that be the true definition of wealth, Tom wondered."

Seriously, get comfy and read the rest.

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You are missing a great piece of lost history here!

Seriously, this story is "must read" history, and if you don't read it now you may never get another chance.

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