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Black Friday Blues? 40 Ideas for the Prepper Gift Giver- Please Add to the List!

Things that are storable, but do not take up too much space:
Seeds, kitchen herb garden sets
How about colloidal silver

Prepping type books
Classic books, or print out a free .pdf book and bind it
Recipe book, assemble, print, done - try outdoor cooking, camp burner, dutch oven ones
Food storage sampler
Ammo - NOW is the time, it's running out
Gardening gift sets you assemble with separate items in a basket
DIY body care products
DIY anything
Simple alkalizing detox bath, could be a footbath. Simple recipe: 1/4 cup Epsom salts, 1/4 baking soda - could add herbs or just a couple drops of essential oils
Essential oil and homeopathic emergency or coldcare kits
Any kind of coldcare package
A month of organic food delivery or fresh farm co-op membership - or just buy the stuff and make sampler baskets
Upcycle some clothes - lots of blogs and Pinterest pics on that
Upcycle the giftwrap, boxes, and ties - better yet, use prep tools like paracord
Use jars to mix up the dry seasonings & other ingredients for a dinner or dessert and include the recipe
Could also make jars with sauces, dressings, and marinades - if you made it, it's gourmet
A microbrewery kit
With some meal prep, you could deliver frozen meals, homemade ready meals, homemade pie

Make winterwear - sometimes as easy as just cutting some fleece
Upcycle junk into something else
Burn a CD with shared favorite songs or an online music mix
Photobook - easy to make online. Many women say that photos are the one thing they wish they could carry from a burning house
Different colored duct tapes are really in right now.


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