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How many Dual citizens in our Government today?

It may just be me ,,, but this info seems to be much harder to come by now. I seem to get really old info. I am looking for names and % of over all control structure . Can anyone shed some light?

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Remember when "Swiss Miss" Michele Bachman received

dual citizenship with Switzerland after the primary? Quite an uproar and last I heard, she was going to renounce her Swiss citizenship but her family members kept theirs. If there are others in congress - we should have the right to know about it!

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Very Good Question ? ? ?

Info on duel citizenship:


Next, an unreported tragedy from 1967:



So do you think that...

...someone who was born a US citizen to US citizen parents, but who also happened to automatically receive citizenship of another country just because that's the way the other country's laws work, should then have to renounce their citizenship to the other country before being involved in any government position?

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...state, city, local positions?

to micah

You sure assume a lot about someone's position without one shred of supporting evidence.
Let me make it easy for you, as far as I am concerned, and i don't speak for anyone else.
Yes, I believe they should have to renounce their citizenship.

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I wasn't assuming anything...

...about anyone. Just asking a question. Why the hostility?

Downvotes are interesting ... It appears that it's you and others that are quick to assume things about people's motives. Can't even ask questions here? Sheesh.

If you want an American

If you want an American passport, even though you're a citizen born in another country, you HAVE to renounce your second citizenship. I had to do that to get my passport. The only people who don't have to do that, it seems, are our elected officials.

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As far as Israeli and u. S. citizenship...

This is 2008:

This site has a lot of current info.
Click on "Resources."
Go to "Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2012 congressional Candidates."

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There are exactly

100% more than there should be. If we live in the supposed "greatest nation in world history", then to what country is anyone with dual-nationality TRULY loyal to? This deserves a Constitutional amendment, if it isn't already considered the rule, and just 'overlooked'.

Good question. Wanna find out?

Go to change.org and start a position requiring to register as agents of a foreign government and barring them from serving in cabinet-level positions or the State Department, then watch who squeals.

Good question!

Likely more than ever.

What would the Founders do?