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Shhhhhhh... Duck so they don't seeya.

Is that pesky goobermint always breathing on the back of your neck? Do you want to speak your mind with less chance of nasty no-big brother-of-mine telling you to tone it down or worse?

Be that dissident you've always dreamed of! The thorn in the side that your dear old mom would be proud of...


I'll add a little more to that.. Buy a little throw away 25-50 dollar laptop with wifi capability, follow their instructions creating your own website or blog and make sure you log onto an open wifi connection when you log onto your site.

I have a few other tricks but I can't share them unfortunately. If there are any tricks you guys feel like offering, post away!

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Okay, you twisted my arm..

One more little tip and then I'm done.


This is a super-fast, highly mobile and uber user friendly linux for as usb. No need for a hard drive which stores those terrible little bits about you.. Just load the usb into any computer, set the boot sequence to usb first and you're off to the races.

It loads up from the usb and doesn't store anything on the main computers hard drive. I usually carry mine on a chord around my neck.

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