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Fred Barnes says Iraq was going to attack the USA!

Fred Barnes, FOX News commentator and Weekly Standard editor on when to go to War - what principle to follow. Fred Barnes says Iraq was going to attack the USA! Part 3

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Saddam had no links to All-CIA-Duh

I never heard this. Is this true?

What vague, lame talking points this guy had

He was struggling. Saddam had no Navy, no Air force, a severely weakened economy due to our sanctions and bombing (1,000,000 people died including 500,000 children) And that was BEFORE we invaded. He claims "Iraq was a threat to their neighbors" did he mention IRAN? Well no, Iran is the new boogeyman. We told Saddam to attack Iran, gave him money and weapons- over a MILLION Iranians died during the Iran/Iraq war. He doesn't mention that...because we sanctioned it. What a hypocrite- i see why he wanted to end the interview. Iraq was put in power by OUR CIA. He was our buddy for a long time, until he stopped playing ball and got off the Petro-dollar. What Horse-sh#t. I'm so sick of this vague Neocon propaganda- they are having a hard time defending the Iraq invasion but they still do it, like clockwork.

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Thanks for posting this

I did not get from this interview that Fred Barns said Iraq was going to attack the US. As I understood it, he said they were threatening the national interests and national security of the US. The real threat, that which cannot be discussed in the MSM, was from Sadam attempting to trade oil in Euros instead of USA FRNs.

"I was hoping for an interview, and I got an argument"

Apparently he thinks his silly statements shouldn't be questioned.

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Iraq War


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