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Cop On Steroids? 17-Year-Old Learns Why You Should Never Resist Arrest

cop On Steroids? 17-Year-Old Learns Why You Should Never Resist Arrest This cop was harassing me and my friends at a park and kneed him in the head and made threats to us if any of us moved. I admit he did resist at first but all he wanted to do was call his mom. He's only 17 years old

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The COP is right it is not a game. Someday out of fear someone..

..will turn on him who has the upper hand.

Clearly today's COPS are the most stupid and uneducated rivaling Barney Fife.

There is always going to be someone bigger that you. And when you exercise your duties as a COP with lawlessness, foul language and brutality it is only a matter of time until your victim, his family or his friend pulls out a bigger weapon, a bigger foul mouth and with more brutality executes his own judgement on the police gangs of America.

Any officer who is present, who stands by and decides to go along with the police gang's criminal conduct under color of authority is even more guilty and more deserving of what he gets as the get away driver in an armed robbery who does not carry a badge.

It took nearly 200 years but the Red Coats eventually found this out. At some point people will have had enough and these brutal police gangs will be the ones running for cover from an angry citizenry.


This is not a game!


This gang banger cop, without his gun and badge, and one on one, wouldn't be such a tough guy.

I just hope this goes viral.

And Arnold 654 loses his job.

I'm still waiting

for a citizen with a gun to make a citizens arrest on a cop like this.


it's horrible, pisses me off. What do we do about it?

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Exercise your first...

Exercise your first amendment right. If that doesn't work try the second one and keep going down the list until get one that works.