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Is scotthorton.org being hacked now?

I have been trying to listen to the latest shows, but I haven't been able to log in for a few days now. Is that website being hacked? Can somebody contact Scott H and ask him to check his website? Could any DPers log in successfully in the last few days?

(These are the latest interviews that I'm hoping to listen to.)
Israeli Leaders Threaten Genocide
Max Blumenthal on the logic of Jewish supremacy
Petraeus Won the Media War
Other than that, he's a failure, says Gareth Porter
Israel's Assault on Gaza
Philip Giraldi on collectively punishing kids

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Yaaaay, the scotthorton.org is UP and

RUNNING again! (Nov 26th) He's not in FEMA camp. . . ("yet". . . at least ;-)

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It's Sunday, Nov 25, and still no scotthorton.org!

Could anybody reach him?

I have been trying for 3 days and

can't get on. Just tried again and it is still down.

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I hope antiwar.com people or friends of Scott H can

contact him and help him get his website up & running.


Servers go down sometimes. Happens

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I hope it's just a simple technical glitch & not. . .

The MIC / DHS mischief!