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Disgusting Propaganda Commercial from JP Morgan


Rate this drivel from JP Morgan banksters appropriately.

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Let's analyze...

Opening scene, a home that won't be foreclosed on until Christmas - one last holiday at Grandpa's - yay!
The table looks lovely, sorry there is no real silverware, we hocked that to try to save the house.
Pass the food stamps dinner - of course, JPMorgan makes money on every food stamp purchase!
Next up, a few blue collar slaves trying to look happy, one trying to run a restaurant. Then a few kids have an unlicensed bake sale (arrest them!)
Just a moment to pander to the blacks (they make Wall Street people nervous.) Then a tip of the hat to the psy-ops effort known as "rock and roll."
"To free markets, free enterprise and free refills." Yeah. 1 for 3 ain't bad. More high fructose corn syrup carbonated water, please.
Here's to your personal tracking device, and be sure to overlook the war crimes by burying your guilt in "national pride."

Touching. Hey, JPMorgan, FREE TESLA!!!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.



A perfect commentary

what more can be said?

Just open the box and see