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Besides home school, are there Ron Paulian K-12 private schools?

Just wondering

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Classical Education

I am more of a fan of homeschooling, but also realize it's not for everyone. Our church just started a classical school and so far I'm very impressed. Might want to look into it.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

There are schools

that can be described as not-Prussian. They're expensive and come in a variety of forms. Hopefully, someone can chime in with some of them.

You could perhaps enroll in a very small church school and give your curriculum preferences? Money talks. With less money, parent involvement in the school can shave off tuition and help shape the environment to what you want it if you're the influential type.

Defend Liberty!

Would be great if there were.

Maybe you should try contacting Young Americans for Liberty, YAL. It would be interesting to know if they were homeschooled or just what type of education they had that led them to the liberty movement. If you find any information please report back as I am very interested in the education of my two young grandsons.

join the PTA and make it so.

join the PTA and make it so.

join the PTA and make it so.

join the PTA and make it so.

No thanks, unless things have really changed.

I was a member during our son's school years from K-8 and sat on the board for five years. We were used as a fundraising revenue source and to provide free labor. PTA became to involved promoting the state and federal political agendas. I later worked as a teacher's aide for several years to get a insider's prospective about our school system. Too much time is spent on various special programs and very little time on actual educational work. Mandates require teaching for the tests instead of gaining knowledge. Lots of self-esteem feel good baloney. Last year our school board voted to borrow 5 million from the feds and to float bonds for another 12 million to build a stage and auditorium at one of our high schools to replace the original one that was just too shabby for our young thespians. I was the only one in a packed room to speak out against the expense. This year voters approved another school tax just to pay for leaking roofs and other maintenace. The priorities are all mixed up. I would really like to find an alternative to public school.