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Looking for American made incandescent light bulbs, you can buy any size any watt

Kind of off the subject, but I was looking for American made incandescent light bulbs, because the new bulbs give me a headache and they have mercury in them which is bad for the environment. Seen an article how Texas made it legal to sell and buy incandescent light bulbs and here is a manufacturer that you can get any size any watt incandescent light bulbs from.


So buy American everyone

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I have roughly...

I have roughly a 20 year supply of Revel 100 watt full spectrum bulbs. I started buying 2 boxes (8 bulbs) every time I went grocery shopping when I first heard they were not going to be made any more. It was painless only $4.88 at a time. I intend on using every last one of them before I buy another bulb. So to any government trolls reading this, you can stick it in your ear or where ever it fits the best.



And my Dad now lives in Texas, in Ron's district, in fact. It's a odd Christmas present, but I'm desperate....

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I was thinking same thing

American made bulbs for Christmas :)

"So buy American everyone"

Thanks for that link. Here is another:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


bookmarked the site, I have a small stockpile of regular 60watt incandescent's at the moment. I do have 1 lamp that's made for a 3-way bulb that goes thru lightbulbs very quickly, except for a CFL I had that lasted about 3 years. It just gave out the other night, so I have another CFL that's not very bright in it now.

I guess

the bulbs they make are extra heavy duty and last 7 years

I guesst

the bulbs they make are extra heavy duty and last 7 years.