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New Face of the Homeless: College Graduates (video)

another sign of the decrepit economy:


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I was laid-off January 2010.

I collected unemployment 3 months before I found another job.
Of course my new job requires me to commute about 3 hours each day but I have to do what is needed.

I never went to college. I couldn't afford it at the time. I'm glad I didn't.
If I went to college just out of High school, I would have spent all kinds of money learning something that would NOT make me employable.

Now that I know better, my money would be well spent learning something useful, employable.

A college degree is not a guarantee of a job or even happiness. It is becoming more a guarantee of debt with not much to show for it.

What sucks is

the banksters and the FED can keep us stuck in this situation for pretty much as long as they like. Unless people start withdrawing support from government and taking their money out of the banks, quit paying credit cards, mortagages, etc. the house of cards will remain standing and people will just continue to barely get by. Most people are too dumb or too scared to do whats needed for force change quicker. Eventually collapse will come. The markets will liquidate and recovery will begin. But collapse can be held off for a long time if its not affecting the wealthy and the people in power. They are getting richer as we get poorer. What incentive do they have to bring about change? None. Mass non-compliance is the only way I know of to force change sooner. But my efforts alone have no impact.

No, they cant do this for as

No, they cant do this for as long as they like. There will be a tipping point that makes the entire thing collapse. Indeed, plenty of people including me already think we are headed there. As your post said, collapse will come.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Virginian - Japan has been in a "recession" for 20+ years

When the people in power control all the "tipping points" what is your "black swan" theory event that will push things over the edge?

I'm convinced that China and Russia are being well paid and well informed on the schedule for the collapse. (in fact I heard both china and russia now have federal reserve note printing presses) I'm still trying to verify that as I heard it on an internet radio station when I was sleeping so maybe I just dream't it but I don't think so.

Anyway, TPTB know another 2008 type senerio would create social unrest....for sure a crash bigger would. They know exactly how much they can make the average person suffer without them getting too pissed off. Its that line I don't think they will cross....which means absent something out of their control (which I can't think of since the people have not blinked an eye at the FED just "printing" money non stop) these economic conditions can go on for a very long time. Until the people who are still making money on the MIC, Wars, and endless free money...the middle class is stuck in my view.

I said last year the next crash would come no later than after the 2012 election but I didn't think it would make it that far. I was wrong. That's not good when I'm trying to wake people up.

Fractional Banking

Unfortunately as long as their is a lender of last resort their will always be funds to support a bank run. this system of Debt and Credit is what The Fed uses to print up the money they don't actually have. so even if a majority went out and withdrew all their money well The Fed will always be there to bail out the banks as it was intended to.

now if everyone started using other currencies like Gold and Silver, that would hurt The Fed tremendously as their reserves hold physical Gold as a means to fractional bank on.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?