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Evidence of Election Fraud in Milwaukee? Romney Gets Less than 1% in 32 Wards!

Note: the comparisons on the original posts between wards have been removed and are being re-checked because of redistricting.

It is known with certainty that there was a massive amount of fraud and cheating committed during the 2012 primary elections, like the ballot stuffing and removal committed by the Iowa and Maine GOP against Congressman Ron Paul. Those ballot alterations were no accident. Yes, they were deliberate.

Yet, where is the hard evidence for rigging in the primaries or general election on a grand scale, that expected corruption through those secret computerized machines. Hard data has been somewhat elusive.

In the County and City of Milwaukee there is a voting trend that bears investigating. Virtually nowhere in the hundreds of districts and wards throughout Milwaukee County is Obama found to gain less than 5% of the vote. However, this is not the case with the Republican counts, and there are numerous instances where Romney garners such a small percentage and far less, even as little as less than a half percent.

All such wards must be investigated. Oddly, there are even voting districts where alternate, unpublicized candidates, such as Virgil Goode, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson, get an unusually high ratio of votes compared to Romney. This is not what was seen by vigorous exit pollers on election day, who observed that alternate Libertarian or other candidates to Romney weren’t even close, a mere 2% or less of Romney’s votes at best.

For instance, in Milwaukee City Ward 24 Obama is granted 565 votes to Romney’s 6, while Goode is awarded 2 votes. While that represents 98.5% of the vote for Obama, the curious element is that the percentage of votes of alternative candidates relative to Romney is 33% (2 Goode votes divided by 6 Romney votes). In Ward 106 there are 2 Romney votes to Obama’s 627, with one vote for Gary Johnson, again, it is disproportionate, with alternative candidates scoring 50% comparatively.

Ward 116 shows Obama at 715, Romney with only 1, with 2 total votes for alternative candidates, meaning that these others garnered 200% compared to Romney. In Ward 152 there are 600 Obama votes listed, 2 for Romney and 1 for Goode, 50% relative. One more vote and Romney and Goode would have been in a tie. Not bad for a man who is not a national candidate.

Note: the votes were processed through ballot scanners made by ES&S, a company notorious for creating secret code that no one in the public can access, including the Boards of Election. It's the same company which processed the votes in Ohio and much more:

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LIBERTY2ME's picture

I already know there was

I already know there was fraud. What are they going to do about it?

It is too late...

It is too late after the election and it is to early before the election and that is where we always end up. Kick the corrupt can down the road until the next time. It will all end when things are so bad that nobody can deny or stand it any more. Prep for that time, I know I am in good shape. I hate to see this country destroyed but maybe we need a reboot.