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BusinessWeek On TSA: Airport "Security" Is Making Americans Less Safe

Business Week | November 24, 2012
By Amy Alkon

"$100 billion spent and not one risk analysis study," wrote the engineering prof friend of mine who sent me this link from a Charles Kenny piece in Business Week:

In 2010 the National Academy of Science reported the lack of "any Department of Homeland Security risk analysis capabilities and methods that are yet adequate for supporting decision making." DHS (and the TSA in particular) is spending huge bundles of large denomination bills completely blind.

All this spending on airline security is worse than wasteful. Following the official rules while still attempting to show decency toward passengers all but forces TSA employees to delay, embarrass, and inconvenience many thousands every day. Faced with the prospect of such unpleasantries this holiday season, countless Americans will skip the flight to grandma's house and drive instead.

Read more: http://amyalkon.mensnewsdaily.com/2012/11/24/business-week-o...

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Elect me President

And I will save $100 billion and make the world a safer place. Goodbye TSA. Trouble is, where do the thugs who work for TSA go to get a job. None of them are qualified for anything but molestation, and last I heard the only openings for that were with the Catholic Church.