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How government lies about the economy

The jobless rate is down. The stock market is up. Inflation is low. The Fed is stimulating the economy through quantitative easing. The recovery is picking up steam.

Such daily feel-good headlines, created by the Obama administration and amplified by the press, glide pleasantly over our minds and reassure us all is well, or soon will be. But what do these headlines actually have to do with reality?

Often very little. The establishment media’s financial reporting is just like their reporting on politics and culture – which is to say, biased, inaccurate and misleading, sometimes intentionally so.

In fact, a great deal of what passes for “objective reporting” on the economy is little more than “laundered” press releases from the government (and other power players like the Federal Reserve) whose credibility depends on continually deceiving the public.


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They are able to get away with it

They are able to get away with it because people WANT to believe that things will get better, because NOT believing things will get better is just unthinkable. The whole "positive thinking" fad really plays into the hands of the propagandists.

I came across this on election day. It is very rare that you see such a bald faced lie but it does show how desperate they have become.

"Whoever wins the election will get to preside over a growing economy and look like a genius." http://www.slate.com/articles/business/moneybox/2012/11/romn...

If you look at the comments it shows that not everyone is as gullible as they think.

Great comment

Thanks for commenting my friend.

Here is an interesting article on the subject:

it ends:

•Mid-2005 was the right time to be optimistic on housing
•January-2007 was the right time to be optimistic on the banking sector
•The spring of 2007 was the right time to be optimistic on credit markets
•The fall of 2007 was the right time to be optimistic on global equity markets
•Mid-2008 was the right time to be optimistic on commodities
•This past September was the right time to be optimistic on technology stocks
Of course, we know how those all worked out (hint: not well).

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