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Good article again, from The Reagan Wing! Part V: Republican Suicide ~ by Doug Parris

"We threw it all away.

For as long as we have been a nation, there has always existed a remnant of patriots, willing, anxious, to defend Constitutional Government– freedom as conceived by our founders.

And when the Billion-dollar Bipartisan Bailout of 2008 declared war on free enterprise, it pulled some kind of cosmic trigger.

Bipartisan agreement begin destroying the country.

The patriot remnant began to surge into the streets demanding their country back.

Arising spontaneously, without recruitment, in a thousand places under innumerable names, Patriot groups under the general rubric of “Tea Party” poured into the streets of America, a phenomenal force. And like many predecessor (and ongoing) movements, they turned to the Republican Party as a political organization, because of its historic platform, because of its continued claims to conservatism, because it was long-established and because they saw no clear alternative.

We threw it all away....

... the elitist forces within the GOP that fought Ronald Reagan have been in control of the Republican Party since 1988 and they have progressively killed the political convention. The caucuses and conventions now practiced in the Republican Party are a mockery of our old caucus and convention process. ..."

"... Riddled with ballot fraud, procedural cheating and even violations of statutory law when necessary, the current Republican convention system exists only as a presentation, a stage show, complete with script. It is a fraud, a scam, bearing only cosmetic resemblance to what it used to be. It chews grass roots movements and political activists up and spits them out. The wreckage is everywhere. They are proud to be doing it. This has been a slow suicide.

As soon as Mitt Romney emerged from an illegally-held National Republican Convention, conducted by fraud on his behalf, a great national discussion took place, but on the internet, not in Republican conventions. The subject was whether or not the supporters of other candidates, those abused by the ballot and procedural cheating and violations of statutory law would loyally rally around the elitists who had done this to them to elect the elitist candidate.

Can pigs fly? ..."

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