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Lincoln, good or bad?

I'm not sure why Lincoln is talked about so much right now. Obviously there is a movie out, and the Oreily book was talked about, so why the fascination with Lincoln all the sudden? Coincidence so many states have a petition to secede? Anyway, most people here know Lincoln was an abomination on the liberty front, but what about the fiscal side of him? Did he really try to stop the banks with the greenback? And does that make up for all the tyrannical stuff? Just thought I'd get some opinions here because a lot of people are talking about Lincoln right now.

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Printing Power...

..de facto makes the Treasury Department the Central Bank.

Whether the criminals are free-lance or "official", we still get squished.

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Same here

I've been interested in this as well. I mostly just give people the argument that Lincoln was a bad person because of all the people who died from an unnecessary war, but is there a good website that outlines all the other tyrannical actions under his reign?


Under the audio/video tab search for author Thomas DiLorenzo


My short list

-Arrested the entire Maryland state legislature for fear they would vote to secede.
-Blockaded the southern States - an act of war.
-Suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus
-called up 75000 soldiers without consent of congress.
-called for the arrest of Supreme Court Chief Justice Taney
-Imprisoned more than 13000 northerners without warrant, tried in military courts.

Lincoln was a one term congressman during the Polk administration. He agreed to a one-term limit and stepped down following. During his brief stay - the Mexican War occurred. Lincoln was perhaps the most passionate anti-war congressman, saying things like:

-"The blood of this war... is crying to Heaven against [Polk]."
-Throughout History, rulers "have always been impoverishing their people in wars, pretending that the good of the people was the object."
-"No one man should have the power to bring oppression upon us... [Polk now stands] where kings have always stood."