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Are attacks on Rand just veiled attacks on Carol Paul?

OK,some are saying that the apple (Rand) fell far from the tee. We know it is not Ron Paul's fault. So those that attack Rand are basically saying Rand Paul got bad genes from Carol Paul. People like Lew Rockwell for example is basically saying that Carol Paul passed on bad genes to Rand. I find this to be horribly offensive. The anti-Rand Paul shills need to STOP IT!

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Everytime I see this op in

Everytime I see this op in the right corner I can't help but laughing my butt off. So far out in left field.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

You Remind Me of a Good Point

I would assume that many in the Paul family read this site, and wouldn't say things I wouldn't say to their faces.

I've never understood why the hatred some have for this person or that, especially as a candidate, is so virulent. I understand the disagreement with their positions, but not the hatred. (Even for Obama; I pity him.)

Rand, Gary Johnson, etc. What's funny, sometimes, is people disliking Rand or Gary because of his position on something, only to find out Ron shares it.

No, neither of them is Ron Paul. I just don't understand rudeness, crudeness, or hatred.

Especially since I'd be thrilled to have Carol, Rand, or any of the Paul family as neighbors and friends, and probably have more in common with them than some of my own family members!

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In my opinion this thread can

In my opinion this thread can ONLY be an attempt to demonstrate the blind loyalty of Rand partisans through thinly veiled sarcasm. well done :D

Ventura 2012

I'm a big Rand supporter, but

I'm a big Rand supporter, but this is a dumb post.

Rand Paul is NOT a believer

Rand Paul is NOT a believer in liberty.... i dont think anyone, maybe a select few, think it has to do with "genes form his mom..." Ever hear of individual responsibility? He votes for acts of war, endorses, Goldman Sachs backed candidates who support indefinite detention of US citizens w/o due process, bailouts, aggression principals, and continuous debt. He thinks he's being smart, but really he is destroying any viable credibility he had... and that was only because is Ron's son. wake up.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

All women are evil...

that's why we virtuous men love them so. It's yin and yang, babydoll.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Mr. Galileo, what you've just

Mr. Galileo, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Troll, get back under the bridge. Nice try for divisiveness. Oh yeah, and you should probably lay off the crack every once in a while. I don't mind if you smoke it, just don't do it and post. You can't even spell the word tree. Or were you writing of golf? Tees are also made from trees, you know.

Oh, and you should also go back to school to learn genetics.



+1 for the Billy Madison reference and its relevance to this thread.

Look Rand has proven to be a traitor to my cause

Yet the Rank shills keep up with the propaganda. Rand has contributed zero to my liberty cause. On the other hand he sold me out to a detestable NWO, ROthschild crime banker controled Mitt Rummy.

He has shown his colors. Sure the shills have every excuse to justify his what I consider immoral betrayal of his family and his country for personal gain by saying things like his father knew in advance and it was to decieve the GOP into letting him in and to position himself as the next GOP pres candidate. Im not buying any of it. I wrote off the GOP as I did the DNC both the same ururping entities controled by the same counterfit money makers who control the Private central crime bank.


Your cause is to split the conservative vote into L & R factions

...thus handing all elections to Democrat attorneys and bankers.

Did you even bother trying to become a Republican delegate?

If not you did not support Ron Paul and thus if so you are nothing here but a liar posing as a Ron Paul impostor.

If you support Ron Paul you will follow his lead on this.

But I am sure you criticized Ron also for running as a Republican.



I live in RP congres district. Was del for county and state both times. So guess your way way of base and owe me an appology. Funny how you can make asumptions based upon your flawed logic. Where do you go from here. Call me a liar? Perhaps a coment about my spelling or grammar? I veiw the Republicans and Democrats to be one and the same because they are funded and controled by the same corporate owner central banker family. Some times a person like you can not see the forest fir the trees.

Rather than argue over who supports Ron Paul more or make acusations of not enough support. Pass the word. Enlightened Disengagement.


My cause is liberty.

Your cause is to promote yet another GOP shill. You dont have a clue. I suspect Rand has alot of paid shills posting here. THeir cause would be self enrichment. Put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig yet some would proclaim it to be a cause.


I am not paid by anyone. But I know the Paul's well enough...

...to know that you have no clue and are no friend to Ron and Carol Paul.

As you spout your poison I ask you to just look

UP ----- MINUS -55 and counting. DO YOU GET IT?


To some of the posts below.

Do not cast judgement. Let us wait to see how Rand fares the next few years.

Always question and always hold accountable. Though there are some bridges that should and must be burned, not all should.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

LOL! No.

Apples don't fall from tees. And Rand the sell out fake is resonsible for his own actions. You are a Neocon troll.

You are not AllPaul... your name is a freak'n misnomer.

If you support Ron Paul you will ask Ron what he has to say of Rand.

But you probably didn't even support Ron in 2008 or 2012, instead preferring to oppose him by voting Libertarian and causing those of who actually cared to look to Rand in 2016.


Sorry, you don't get to

put YOUR qualifications on MY support for Dr Paul. He is not his son and his son is not him. Allpaul does not refer to Mrs Pauls fishsticks, either.

Go ahead and "look to Rand in 2016", since you still believe in the voting ritual, for some reason. I'm sure the GOP will love Rand.

I don't like Rand Paul...

But I dislike this thread even more. What a Pathetic way to try to start division among the Ron Paul supporters. This Thread is one pathetic attempt to smear the Paul family. I for one am not taking the bait.

Perhaps it was the Aqua Buddha

who told him to endorse Willard.

The media never exposed...

...that the Aqua Buddha is the toilet that college students pray to when they have too much to drink.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

perhaps it was a way

to warn his father's delegates that the GOP intended to hold them to their loyalty oaths? I think so. He woke people up and enabled them to stay in the game to nominate Ron Paul.

Loyalty oaths???

What crap. They lie cheat, beat people up, close down legitimate caucuses and conventions, throw out votes and delegates and we owe them or Rombama "loyalty"?? Rand helped sink his own fathers campaign. You don't get much lower than that. Loyalty to family, truth and conscience always comes before political HACKS.

Who did Rand impress?

I'm well aware what they do and why I am not concerned about how they feel when I vote against them.

Yes, some of us have states that you sign a loyalty oath to the constitution and the party if you collect your elected seat, or delegate spot. The only way to change it is by getting in, signing it and writing resolutions to change it.. and that's part of thios who infiltration of the GOP is changing it. So bitch all you want, but some if us, and that inlcudes Rand, are working with what we've got.

Joining the crooks

just makes you part of the crookedness.

That's is not true

Not joining the GOP is allowing them to get away with being crooked.

Uh, you must have missed it

the GOP THREW OUT legitimately elected delegates. So much for "joining" them or "oweing them loyalty" because of coerced oaths.

duly elected is not enough

delegates need to be vetted, and some were asked to sign loyalty oaths and they refused. You want to end the oaths, you have to get in to do that.


"Vetted", you call it??? Forced to vote against your conscience?? Forced to vote for an annointed insider?? Yeah, that's "vetting" all right!! How "honorable"!
This is the biggest load of nonsensical crap I have ever read. And you are going to "change" it from within and of course they won't "vet" YOU, while you're doing everything you are told. Ugh!

I am vetted

I do what the law reguires that I do, and herein CA the GOP is signed up with the state and county, and why I took my loyalty oaths in the county clerks office. And yeah it's a pile of crap.. and yeah, the guy who I wanted to win was ribbed if his chance.. so I'm still here, and now, we're all even.. except.. I and the other Ron Paul Republicans who stuck it out are still here, and better prepared for 2016. GO RAND!