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Racism? Gun sales up since Obama's re-election (A Ron Paul quote included)

Is it Christmas shopping, doomsday prepping or Obama's re-election that is causing firearms, ammunition and handguns to fly off the shelves? Some think Obama held back on tougher gun regulating until he landed his second term, others believe we are bound to end up either in a civil war or such poor economic times that protection of their family and property is mandatory. Or is Obama's re-election causing increased doomsday preparation?

Either way the word "racism" usually comes up, equally going both ways. First, it may be all about black folks getting nailed harder, or on the other hand there's the stereotypical racist redneck white boys who think they need to hold their own because they can't trust a "black" president -- even though many forget President Barack Obama had a white mother. Regardless, it appears racism is alive and well in the beautiful USA, with both black and white individuals pointing fingers at each other.

Proving my point, Steve Smith commented under an article, "Sale of guns soar following election" by "When gun control is discussed, I always remember that the Eldrich (sic) Cleaver, the head of the Black Panthers, opposed gun control because 'you know whose guns...Read more:

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Fear goes both ways...blacks branch of media constantly scaring

them to vote for Obama or slavery will return.

The people are stupid....thus the front line of the war is control over the media.

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Racism- supplied by MSM

In my area SW MO racism in not a big issue. Mainly what I see on Racism is stories by the MSM. Is MSM trying to keep "We the people" divided for their own profit? There are few people who are racist, but you use a term that targets a specific race then by MSM and "political correctness" you are a racist.
There are, of course, people who have a bias against certain races, but it is there own opinion and only a very few that will attempt some sort of violence toward their prejudice. Which is a criminal act because they violated another persons rights, not because it is a "hate crime" Is our government now attempting to regulate how we think?


" Regardless, it appears racism is alive and well in the beautiful USA, with both black and white individuals pointing fingers at each other."

All according to plan, divide et impera.

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May 2, 1967 California State Capitol

The Black Panthers conducted a demonstration where they
publicly entered the capitol building armed to protest a proposed
law that would have prohibited (then legal) open carry of weapons
in California.

The bill was directed at the Panthers because of their armed
patrols monitoring police behavior in Oakland, CA (On those
patrols their weapon was unloaded although the then-current
law allowed loaded carry with an empty chamber).

The event got huge media attention, with white people mostly
shocked, and many black people inspired.

A friend of mine used to have a Panther pamphlet that was
largely addressed to white gun owners and criticizing their
failure to support the Panthers on this issue, correctly
pointing out that everyone's rights were going to suffer if
the gun control agenda prevailed.

Well, basically, the white gunowners and gun organizations
stayed on the sidelines and open carry for most Californians
is long gone.

The demo may have been a tactical mistake, but failing to
support the right to open carry when it counted was an even
bigger one.

I think the simple minded play up racism .

People are worried about the future, period. Everyday I speak with my customers about the economy and I get that they're just scared. Prepping is spreading like wildfire because people don't want to get caught helpless and more and more people are waking to the realization, that they've got a chance to get ready.

I think many also see the way the government is treating everyone. Increased police state governmental maneuvering is not going without notice.

The one thing that I hear again and again is the fear of the 30,000 drones that are set to fly over the country... That alone has sent a few alarm bells.

I think the increase at the time of the re-election is a combination of that in conjunction with the knowledge that the guy that has been pushing those things, now has a second term. They expect more of the same and are preparing.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I believe you are right RP4pres

Just this past week, I'm studying about investing in silver and getting a seed bank! I'm not a prepper, I only go to the store when there is almost literally nothing to eat in the house, so for me to "plan ahead" is a big deal. I'm very afraid since my dream of President Paul did not come true.

It would be extremely wise for you to channel that fear

into a hurried interest in prepping. Seed banks are great but it takes time to grow a garden or to raise animals to producing livestock. People procrastinate because they think they have time still. If you're not setting up right now, you're at the point of being too late. While you have cash and a job and the prices of food and prepping supplies in general are somewhat workable, it might be time.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

So where are you with prepping?

Do you have a lot of food or what? It would be great to have people weigh in on the DP about what they are all doing. Can you reply or do a new post on that? I live in WA state, my hubs brings home deer, salmon and I garden. But I haven't canned or saved a bunch of stuff. Perhaps I should learn, eh?

I have one years worth of food storage

I'm raising my own rabbits for meat and will soon have chickens and goats too.

I have enough ammo and guns for defense and hunting. (ammo for hunting is lead-free)

I don't have enough silver. :)

I have a generator with enough fuel to last me for a year based on my usage calculations per month and I'll have a steam engine soon also. That and solar are still to be bought.

I have various tools, both hand and battery/electric, along with tons of little things that I'll need to make life somewhat easier.

I also have a large parcel of farmland that's extremely remote.
So basically just what I need to get by and thrive not just survive.

Even with all that I have, I'm still behind where I would want to be.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Great! I know you don't answer PM's, do

we get to know what area of the country you live in? Thanks for all the information. I need to get busy!

Why is my personal information relevant?

You look worlds different by the way. The transformation is amazing.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Hi, Stephanie -

"I live in WA state, my hubs brings home deer, salmon and I garden."

Sounds like you're way ahead of most people already, or anyway
in a good position to take it up another level.

I think you're on the right track with the canning, etc. Preserving
storing and processing food requires some skills and equipment to
do, but not doesn't necessarily require a huge money outlay.

Some ideas -

A smoker for preserving some of that deer and salmon

Grain mill for flour from whole grains.

Some type of setup for threshing and winnowing grain
if you want to try some small scale grain growing.
(I'm pretty sure you could do winter wheat or barley
most places in Washington)

Pressure cooker/mason jars/lots of lids

Metal containers for storing grain and learn how
to use dry ice to fumigate your stored grain.

Learn soapmaking

Learn to make tempeh and/or miso

Any sort of renewable power system would be great,
of course - especially if it can give you basic lighting,
recharge batteries (including power tools), run a DC refrigerator
or freezer (well, we're starting to get into more serious $$
outlays there, though..).

Woodgas stoves are not that expensive and potentially
very handy.

I haven't done all that much of the above myself, except for
growing grain and having a small woodgas stove and minimal
solar lighting setup.

I guess there's no time like the present to get to doing more..

Wheat? I had no idea it could grow in the winter

Thanks Blue Republic for sharing. I need to look up grain growing. I have several garden spots I could use in the winter.

Winter wheat (and barley)

basically, you plant them in the fall early enough
so they're established a little before the first frosts.

They get some growth, maybe an inch or two, and then
go dormant (I think there is root growth going on) during
the winter. When it warms up in the spring the plants start
growing quickly and you harvest in late spring. Where I live
you can sow seed in late October to beginning of November
and harvest in May.

You could then plant something that goes in relatively late
in the spring and matures quickly on the same ground - around
here I've seen people alternate barley and sweet potatoes, for example.

Here's the site of an outfit in Northern Cal that is oriented towards
small-scale and organic growers (seed, books & etc.):

What I do......... (Food

What I do......... (Food wise)

A crap load of rice (that I eat), and a crap load of beans (that I eat).

I mix it with various meats. I have salt, sugar, flour - basically a bunch of stuff that does not go bad for a long time.

General rule though is, prep using what you eat, and eat using what you prepped with.

Anything more I do is only inviting trouble if repeated, but just get some normal food that lasts a long time. And eat the supply, while adding more to the pile.

Now I can't say how long you need to have, but I have a nice long term supply of food for myself. But I doubt it will be needed to eat, it will probably serve as a trade material. Much longer than "sometime" and bands of people will be out raiding places. You don't have a chance unless you already have an army of your own.

Imagine a band of 4 folks, attacking a compound with 2 guards on duty at all time. No chance, compound fails. Because you have to sleep, they are not under attack, so they can sleep freely, then attack in swarm. They have the advantage - just because no one is after them.

So save enough stuff so you are okay for as long as you think some relative level of peace will last, double it, and call it a day. Once it's bad, the only way to be will to be the coyote. Roaming bands of killers - they will prosper.

There is a neat article about being a survivalist vs being an ex patriot over at - just hunt for it on the left side. They have a good point, and I'm going to choose to stay here as long as I can. I don't have exit strategy money like Bush does. But leaving the country does sound way easier.

Buy as much as you want, but the more you got makes no difference when someone wants what you got, and is well armed and you are asleep.

So - you need your neighbors and friends. You need to chose a place to defend, you'll need 12+ people (wild guess). It will not be as simple as "I prepped".


some good advice

charleswood - will check out the article.

Meantime, remember that not all of us expatriates are "ex-patriots"
even if we are not physically present in the "homeland"..

I'm going shopping to get my crap load of rice and beans

Thanks Charles Wood. I love details of what people are doing. We need some good articles on here from preppers so us non-prepared ones can get it together.

I'm going to go check out the article. THANKS

Keep in mind the rest of your family that might not

be into prepping.. What will you do if your extended family needs help?

I'm also going to buy tons of rice and beans to try and take up the slack that I know they won't have.. They are family after-all.. no way I'll turn them away even if they came with nothing.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Just put 'em to work

Once they get there..

Don't forget

Super giant economy sized packs of toilet paper! It might be worth its weight in gold.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Ha ha ha, grass and leaves wouldn't..

be real comfortable on the bum! Thanks WalterKavenaugh

Or in

FRN's, anyway.

Isn't that like..

trading TP for TP?

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Survivalist vs Expat - Which

Survivalist vs Expat - Which makes more sense?