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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11/26/12: US Military Support of Israel is Fueling the Gaza Conflict

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11/26/12: US Military Support of Israel is Fueling the Gaza Conflict.


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This is heroic.

This is heroic.

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The doctor is getting old.

The doctor is getting old. He is not focused as before. He is probably unaware that border between Gaza and Egypt is not controlled by Israel. So much for concentration camp where welfare check to Gaza from UN, EU and US is bigger than salaries in Egypt. RP also forgot that Hamas got some weapons from Al-Qaeda in Libya funded by US taxpayers.

If RP political advisors do not give him correct facts about the situation, I am afraid RP legacy will be less glamorous than that of Jimmy Carter.

To the pro-zionist in DP, even Ron Paul do not agree with you.

So please go and find another forum that agree with your view of the world.


"International aid has played a major role in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict as it has been used as a means to keep the peace process going. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip receive one of the highest levels of aid in the world."

Ending ALL foreign aid

would do much more to promote peace.

True - stop ALL government aid.

Anti-Semites have been parroting this RP suggestion for some time. But when they realize that the most damage will be done to UK, Spain, France and muslim countries (Israel will earn more just by trading with BRICS countries or charging Pentagon a fair market price), then parroting subsides.

This will not end

There are to many Jews in the congress for this to end. Self interest and back door deals are the flavor of the day. Non-Jews in the congress go along because of all the power and influence the jews have in government. Mel Gibson is right.

dave anderson

Too many Israel firsters

Too many Israel firsters rather. Many of Israel's harshest critics are Jewish. Don't forget that! This is not about "the Jews"!

Right On!

Truer words were never spoken. I read an article somewhere recently suggesting that Israel is making a mistake with these massive military operations. I think Israel knows exactly what it is doing. It is practicing genocide. It may take a hundred years but at this rate there will be no viable gene pool left to compete with the Israelis.They permit a "Hamas" to be their police force for a few years then decapitate it. This is while restricting the Palestinians from trading with others so they are not a free people to prosper on their own. The Palestinians are only able to live because the state of Israel gives them meager hand outs of barely potable water and scraps of food. As Docter Paul says Gaza is a concentration camp of Israel's making with the help of the United States government.

What is so frustrating is the

What is so frustrating is the large number of people who think that the presence of Western institutions and rights in Israel should override concerns about its apartheid policies, including its Jewish ONLY colonization of the West Bank and its failure to allow for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their former homes in what is now Israel. Despite what the media says about "the right of return," Israel's membership in the UN is STILL conditional on fulfilling its obligation to allow for that right of return, The catch is that is that Israel does not have to grant that right of return till conflict ceases. Thus, for those who want a Jewish state above all elese, it is in Israel's interest to prevent a just peace.


I did not know about this "till conflict ceases" angle to this. I agree with what you are saying then.

Go Ron Paul after the Zionists!

Now that Ron Paul is retiring from congress, I believe he will go after the Zionists more often!! woo hooo!!

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Common-sensical, courageous statesman: Ron Paul.

May his clear voice be heard, understood and accepted by MANY. I guess it's our mission to magnify his messages.

Gotta Love the Dr.!

Too bad his words fall on deaf ears in our Zionist controlled government..welcome to AmeriKA

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Thanks Tom!


Thanks Tom, always love RP's straight talk.



Marching orders

you've heard it from RP himself
Time to get serious about ending foreign aid to rogue nations

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

So you

would still send $6B to Pakistan, $12B to Afghanistan, Trillions to EU banks?

The U.S. Senate And Congress Has Been Compromised !

They DON'T represent the majority of the American people and in my opinion those that put support of Israel over on going U.S. economic problems, should be deported to Israel.

Ron Paul IS my President !


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They don't represent me either, but as a US taxpayer they hold a gun to my head and make me pay for these atrocities; making me an accomplice. Enough is enough. Give peace a chance........

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

Traitors to our own country!!

I couldn't say it better then you did. We should add traitor and treason to the deportation!!!

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