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7-year-old girl gets medical marijuana for chemo side effects

Medical marijuana, a popular treatment for ailments among adults, has a whole new demographic using the drug in Oregon: children.

Controversial to say the least, fathers, mothers and doctors don't all agree with the idea now. But will administering the drug to children ever become widely accepted?

It sounds kind of strange, but kids aren't sitting around smoking bongs, pipes or taking hits off doobies. They actually take it quite similarly to any other medicine, in pill form, or it's often baked into cookies or brownies.

Freckle-faced, Mykayla Comstock, diagnosed with leukemia, receives the drug in an oil capsule form or in snacks made with marijuana butter to treat the side effects of her chemotherapy.

Currently, 52 youngsters with parental and doctor's approvals and medical needs that warrant cannabis receive assistance...Read more:

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At first I was like "wow, kids getting high!"

But then I was like "well I'm sure her weed butter isn't going to do any more damage to her body than... oh, the ridiculous levels of chemicals they're putting in her body to fight her cancer".

Seriously, even if anyone here thinks the worst of weed, you can't possibly believe that it's more harmful than Big Pharma's standard fare, let alone a cocktail of some of the most powerful drugs they've ever come up with, designed to wipe out any quickly-dividing cells, be they cancerous or not.

I know my first thought was

them sitting around passing bong hits. Another article on here about not even tapping into its healing benefits is quite interesting too, CarCrashClutter. Speaking of CarCrashClutter--please do tell why you go by that name. I'm dying to know why you would go by that! =)

Sorry to take so long to reply, Steph

We got evicted from our apartment and I couldn't immediately remember my password, only had it stored on my desktop PC which is still boxed up.

To answer your question, Clutter is actually my family name. Car Crash is a nickname that stuck with my high school friends after I'd become a bit of an accident magnet, while never actually being the cause I've totaled three cars and have had more than a handful of fender benders. Nothing in the past seven years though, counting my lucky stars for that.

But it's still more or less a universal username for me online. Makes it easy for other people to identify me. Which, unfortunately, works against me I suppose.

I kid you not, when the constable was coming into my apartment to evict me, I'd thought I'd said the wrong thing, maybe even on here!