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What happened to the Scott Horton show?

I'm a huge fan of Scott Horton, formerly of anti-war radio. He was running a show called the Scott Horton Show and I was listening to the interviews that he was podcasting almost as fast as he was posting them. He was my BEST SOURCE for foreign policy news. For the last week his website has been down and no word has been given as to why. Do any of you out there in liberty land know where this awesome guy has gone to and what has happened to his work?

Further, if he is gone forever, does anybody know of something that I can replace it with? I prefer to listen to news rather than read it because it lets me do other things at the same time. In particular I'm hoping for something interview heavy and deep on analysis.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me with either question.

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his site looks down

But im listening to scott horton show right now today through the lrn.fm stream yatdworksltd shared below.
Hes interviewing max blummenthal talking about how isreal is shelling refugee camps in gaza with white phosphorous and taking credit for targeting press in gaza, nearly killing the entire nyt crew, as well as the entire gaza version of pbs.

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I'm on the road and can't tune into live SH shows.

Can anybody contact him (during the live show or via his private email) and ask him to have his website checked, please?

Free access to the archived shows is the BEST FASTest way to spread the interviewed messages. Can he mirror his archived links in multiple locations?

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Really. What happened? His http://scotthorton.org/

is still not working.

BTW, Antiwar.com is having tough time fund-raising this season. It's unfortunate if the richly bailed out MIC and warmongering neocons manage to starve our movement.

This will become your favorite

LRN.FM Programming Grid – All Times Eastern
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12a-6a LRN.FM Daily Podcasts
6a-9a Free Talk Live (Encore)
9a-12p Declare Your Independence

12p-3p LRN.FM Weekly Podcasts
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He is on

LRN.FM I have the IPhone app which is free. I believe this part of the free state project out of Keene New Hampshire. It comes on at noon time on LRN.FM
I just double checked it is on from 12 to 3 PM eastern time. From 9 to 12 AM is Ernie Hancock from freedoms Phoenix