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Derrick Broze evades arrest at Reagan Airport #optout

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Hare Krishna

Reminds me of back in the 70's, when the International Krishna Consciencness Society took to airports armed with Bavaghadgits'a and carnations, asking for donations.. and then they were gone, and that put an end to people at airports being greeted by those seeking a capitive audience. This was before aitports decided malls with shops should be part of the facility.

I think both officers were great. They have a job to do, and they are doing their jobs well. I'm not seeing any harrassment, and I do think the conversation between Broze and them was thouyght provoking for the officers.. they were open, they were not hostile.

Broze is smooth, but IMO, he goes too far in his rebellion. He should have agreed to get permission, and taken the opportunity to talk to the head of security and witnessed their reaction, recorded their reasons, and then retreated, studied the material, and return when he had found the loop hole.

It would also be good if there was a petition, if this could happen from support from a house inniative. It would also be good if it was possible to get airlines to support it.. I just think that one reason it remains is it provides jobs, and since jobs is something government can't afford to lose.. I think that's the hardest part os ending the TSA.

Yeah I was impressed

LEOs didn't lose their cool, kept their tone and body language non hostile. Would certainly like to see more of this.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


Please remember to always refer to the Constitution prior to making posts. Doing so will not only avoid embarrassment, it will also promote what Ron Paul, Liberty, stands for :-)



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I'm not here to promote Ron Paul Liberty. I'm in the GOP to fight for Ron Paul Restoration of the Republic, where the message needs to be heard and materialized.

You apparently do not understand 1st Amendment rights

If you did, you would NEVER have written what you did.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Your first amendment rights have been esercised

you would never wrote what you did if you had a reality check. After 5 years of watching censorship one would think that by now you had a clue to what this fight was about RESTORE.. get it? RESTORE THE REPUBLIC... RESTORE 1ST Amendment Rights.

You and I are on different pages...I mean books.

Restore???? I doubt tptb will be willing to restore anything in our favor. Furthermore, there is nothing to 'restore'.

We need to ENFORCE 1st Amendment Rights. We need to ENFORCE the entire Bill of Rights.

How we live, how we protect, how we defend, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, is how we prevail. If we fail to do these things, words on paper become meaningless.

'Restore', imo, is completely moot.

Granger, please get with the program :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Just show me where Ron Paul has the message to ENRORCE..


Show me where Ron Paul has the message to "not promote or not be a defender of Liberty".

Granger, do not play word games with me. You will lose. You know darned well what I am saying here.

It is up to us, each and every individual, YOU included, to hold our elected, our government, accountable to the law of the land, which is the Constitution. If we, or you, do not, then we, or you, merely succumb.

Maybe re-watch the video to undertstand where I am coming from :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Campaign For Liberty

I've heard "Campaign For Liberty" and seen many educational YouTubes and read many great, exciting, work being done, and speaches by Ron Paul and many others with C4L. In those speaches "Restore the Republic" was a campaign motto, in 07/08 it was "Hope For America", and then Freedom is Popular.. and I hear Ron Paul refer to the rEVOLution, a very few times (only once for sure) "Liberty Movement". It's got a good "coin" to the phrase.. but the Liberty Movement is to me, "grassroots": people who get the message their way and do what they believe is the way to achieve liberty.

Liberty is the sum, but there's many goals in the rEVOLution, which are more concrete, and do not include, going to airports and passing out flyers without permission. I think it was a positive experience on many levels, but it's not how I see Campaign For Liberty, or those who joined the GOP to take the party, and face off with the Neocons.. not write about them on DP, but face them, work to achieve our goals. Theirs is to educate the public, our is to educate and transform the GOP.


Since you mention it, what is you personal take on Campaign for Liberty?

I have been asked to start a chapter here. I stated that I do not want to be restricted, but so far have not been given solid answers.

I am associated with one in Ohio and one further south in my state, so I do have presence among them, but I am unsure about me starting a chapter here where I am.

I ask you because you know what my objectives are and what I have been doing. Keeping that in mind, what is your take on this?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I think C4L is a brilliant idea that has been needed a long time. As a granger I was taught Roberts Rules of Order and how conventions are run, respilution, the lobbying side.. and I noticed that there were few opportunities for people to learn and exercize what they learned. C4L teaches that and how you can work within the party on many levels. If you have interest in being a politician, C4L is a great place to start.

My understanding is it is open to anyone, however, it is Republican Party focused.. that is the party, one of the legs of the beast, we have decided to take.. at least it is my understanding, and experience, as a Republican,.. the campaign.. we all know being a Republican isn't the "in" thing right now.. so we are treated well I think, being given credit for stepping up and taking a seat.

I think you should get involved.. seems anything with Ron Paul is for self starters and sustainers. They are not going to hold your hand.. but you learn so much, you feel like they are holding your hand, even though they are not. I would attribute that to the usefullness of the information they teach.

I'd go for it. GOOD LUCK!

Don't agree it's republican focused.

In my experience it's totally non-partisan.

That said since 80%+ of the members are, in fact, Republican, it's kind of hard to avoid it tasting Republican, if you will. Of course, 80%+ and more likely 90%+ of Ron Paul supporters are Republicans, which make this no mystery, then, why C4L is as well.

That said, not one iota of it in my experience is exclusive at all and can easily be leveraged by anyone in any party or at the legislature.

If what you mean is

It's not republican party focused, as in getting folks in the GOP.. I agree.. it's more a general education that works any party..

My experience is there are very strong GOP and very strong Indy's, who are the minority, and I've come to not like or trust, and at this point, I'm refusing to work with. I need them like a tiger needs a trap.

I get that. You are moving the ball.

Jawboners are just a waste of time. Forget the "big-Ls" altogether.

When you are on the field actually moving the ball, you want other teammates who can help you do that, not endlessly debate about "what moving the ball really means" or "can one ever really move the ball". Meanwhile, the game is won and lost right in front of their faces.

Thank you

You have a way with words, that hits nails on heads and brings joy to my heart.

big-Ls are like playing football with Lucy.. I'm no Charley Brown, more like Snoopy


Joined the GOP

and now argues with those who defend liberty about how we need to join the GOP. It makes me sad, this was a fierce defender of individual liberty 4 years ago, now granger seems to have developed a taste for koolaid.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You need to do what you need to do

I don't see myself as a defender of liberty. I see myself as a rEVOLutionary who joined the GOP in an attempt to restore the republic to constitutional government that protects our bill of rights. It's a huge learning curve, and so I do not expect anyone to be ready, willing or able to step into the arena and challange the party establishment from the inside.

Ron Paul established a mark within the GOP that those of us who since joined, or remained in the GOP, are now bringing libertarian values and issues into the GOP, because we see that as a solution.


"I don't see myself as a defender of liberty. I see myself as a rEVOLutionary who joined the GOP in an attempt to restore the republic to constitutional government that protects our bill of rights."


Granger, maybe a comfy nap would do you well?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

A compfy nap?

No thanks.

A short vacation?

Or hot coffee, perhaps?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

a joint

would do her good.

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For people who claim they want to wake people up

you sure recommend napping and sleeping medication a lot.

that's the problem with northern cali bud

too many indicas. if you want to "wake up" i would recommend a potent sativa. if you want to relax your muscles or have insomnia i would go with a strong indica. sativas during the day and indicas at night with a hybrid in the middle is a good recipe for amateurs and pros alike.

Sativas and Indicas are very different, like night and day.

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Unless you have a permit to recommend

I would refrain from recommending. http://www.ada.org/3137.aspx


Granger, awesome come-back, lol!

I gave you and MMJ a vote up each :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I'm in the process of thinking, or re-thinking.. because so many things here are not new to me. Many of the issues we are discussing today we were discussing half a decade ago, and for me, even longer, because DP did not "wake me up".. I couldn't do the GOP in 07/08, so I really understand the PREJUDICE many people here will not cop to, but the fact remains, they have the same ideas I had and they employ the same arguments I did.. and they are where I was.. it's not that I'm better.. it's that RP rEVOLution was always about getting into the GOP. My campaign experience was night and day, from 07/08 when I absolutely under no condition would join the GOP, to "bittling the bullet" and getting a seat. And I am very happy I am not alone. That would make it very difficult.

I thought it would be great to have a place like DP to discuss what we are expereiceing on our committees, inniatives, resolutions, platforms from differenct states, who was being groomed for jobs with who and what offices people were going to run for. GOP is a big active party, so there's a lot to do.. and we have resources..

One of my dreams to to make a float.. a GOP float for peace, sound money.. a drone drill. I think it would blow the Indy's and Democrats minds. But locally we can do things like this, when we have the votes and the support on the committees.

So for me.. I read a lot,, I ask a lot of questions as to what is really the motivation or goal? If it's "gurella art".. ok..but does anyone think passing out flyers is going to acheive liberty if no one shows up to the meetings and get involved politically?


"One of my dreams to to make a float"

Nice! A gigantic sign wave! Welcome back to the grassroots!

Seriously though, passing out flyers does have some effect. Not always, but at least the ones who are searching but unable to grasp where/how. The past couple of weeks were eventful. The night that I was cranky-posting was due to part of that, but then following, I managed to engage in very productive debate. It would fill up pages so I won't post, if you are interested you have my number :-)

You and I (like others) are here for the same reasons. I enjoy reading and learning, critisizing and being critisized. It humbles me and gives be different perspectives that I can then apply out in the field :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Not as grassroots

That is what I'm saying.. all the grassroots things I did.. I can now do with the support of the GOP.. they always have a float, and now I will volunteer to do the float.. they can pay for it.

We have 26 organized peace groups here that participate in our local parades.. so I think it will be a flip to see the GOP float being PEACE and Liberty. Think it might wake some folks up?

It may.

What doesn't affect some folks, can potentially affect others.

Personally, I love the idea.

Leave no stone unturned :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul