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Walmart: low prices vs high wages

Why is it okay to advocate higher prices in order to pay workers more? Higher prices hurt the people who are buying. Why is okay to hurt the buyers in order to help the workers? I've heard this fallacy on DP over and over mostly in regard to Walmart. Ultimately the producers who are supposedly getting screwed by Walmart are free to engage in a more fruitful line of work, no one is forcing them to make cheap toasters, microwaves etc .. Yes, castigate Walmart for it's unethical business practices like any other business but don't try to glorify higher prices in the name of the workers. By the way, the workers are buyers too so how exactly is this helping them?

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When people take a job at Walmart - they know they are getting a

fairly low paying but very popular and desirable job.

If they need proof about the desireablity - all they need to do is look at the constant stream of people coming in to apply for the same job.

If after they get in - they expect it to be a cushy job with high pay and great benefits - they are simply living in dream land.

Its like buying a trailer in a trailer park and then one day waking up and complaining that you have no private indoor swimming pool, you don't have your own horse stables and no butler is waiting to draw your bathwater. Sorry, but thats not what you signed up for.

Walmart's whoe strategy it to be the low cost seller. It does that by being ruthless with suppliers (who put up with it to sell at Walmart at all - they have a choice too) and by paying low wages.

If Walmart were to change its pay structure it would NO LONGER be the low cost seller - and people would shop elsewhere.

Again - don't sign on to live in a trailer and then expect it to be a mansion.

Wouldn't exist if people didn't want it.

Walmart would not exist if people did not want it. The Black Friday strike was a failure. Masses lined up in record numbers to buy Chinese built & assembled products.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

No doubt

...this retailer is an abomination in the eyes of God. Yet, it is the best price inflation fighter out there. Their suppliers are pushed to the limits and their clerks and administration are psychologically and intellectually neutered.

Government fails to allow competition in the marketplace and thus this monopoly continues on.

I go there knowing full well what to expect and concentrate upon the identical essential items that are offered at other degenerate retailers at a higher prices.


a lot of people that gripe about walmart

hate it and don't even shop there... they scream "buy local" but "buying local" is often more expensive, requires more stores, more time that many don't care to dedicate.