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The media is LYING to us about Egypt

In an attempt to whip America into hatred against Egypt, the media is telling the tale that Morsi has engaged in a power grab. But it was the Mubarek-era courts that had the power grab, attempting to invalidate all elections. Morsi reversed the runaway court rulings. Where (other than the story below) have you heard this truth?


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It's all about precedence...

Whether his decrees were good or bad is irrelevent. What is the problem is the precedence this grab of power has for future Egyptian presidents. Morsi may not abuse this power, but that doesn't mean a future president won't.

That's what is so frightening to me about the precedences Obama is setting with the NDAA, Patriot Act, and Presidential Orders. Obama may not abuse them, the next president may not, but it is setting the stage for a unscrupulous future President to seize power.

How many Americans would want a nation run by judges (attorneys)

Anyone who has dealt with a worthless attorney knows how to answer.

It is why I will not vote for any politician who's claim to fame was that they were an attorney.

We have enough attorney's in government already to wreck and bankrupt the entire system.

These snakes even make money in bankruptcy and so they see no problem with operating government in bankruptcy.


What about..

Andrew Napolitano?

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson