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Why doesn't anyone speak out against widespread voter fraud?


Why don't Democrat leaders speak out against or do anything about Republican vote/election rigging There were multiple instances, some of which were documented in the press (but only briefly). The grassroots Democrats were up in arms about it. They even petitioned Eric Holder to investigate and prosecute, but he did nothing.


Why don't Republican leaders speak out against or do anything about Democrat vote/election rigging? There were multiple instances, some of which were reported - mostly on the internet. In some areas of Florida, Barack Obama got significantly more than 100% of the eligible voters, with zero to Romney.

The US operates one of the worst voting and electoral systems of any country in the developed world. The counting of votes is easily manipulated, ballot stuffing and ballot dumping are widespread in every election. Electronic voting machines are about as secure as an open door.

The voting process is routinely manipulated by the State Governors of both parties - resources and the availability of polling booths are adjusted according to the relative support of each party in each district.

The system is so open to abuse, it is not surprising that voter/electoral fraud is commonplace. So why don't Republican and/or Democrat leaders do something about it?

The truth is, neither party wants to do anything about it. They are very happy with the current system.

It provides a useful mechanism to whip up the base and support of each party to hate the base of the other.

Criticism of their own leadership for losing an election is deflected:

  • they can blame the other party for cheating.
  • they can blame election fraud by the other side instead of accepting blame for poor policies

The leaders of both parties can arrange for the desired result by mutual agreement, where it is deemed to be important and the race is close.

The leading politicians are in charge of election outcomes - not the voters.

The Republican and Democrat leaders certainly do not want to hand over any power to the voters, they would be out of a job. The current system of easy manipulation of election results suits them just fine.

I said when the Democrats started petitioning Eric Holder to pursue Karl Rove and Nathan Sproul's well documented voter frauds that it would not do them any good.

I said that Holder would ignore it and so it would prove.

After all, Romney has a long history of election frauds and the Democrats did not do anything about that - they didn't even report them to discredit Romney.

Karl Rove has a long history of election/voter fraud, the Democrats have never gone after him either.

It's the same on the Republican side. The Republicans have never gone after the multiple instances of Democrat voter/election frauds (except to pontificate occasionally to whip up the base and their supporters).

The politicians prefer that the US remain a banana Republic.

The politicians are in charge in a banana Republic not the people.

The facade of a democratic process has to be maintained so the people do not turn against the politicians of their own party.

The more the electorate is polarised between the two parties the better for the politicians - the voters will not start to question their own politicians, pundits and Campaign/SuperPac managers - or the electoral system in general.

Why don't the media report more on the multitude of election frauds?

The politicians don't want them to.

You have to admit the politicians and the media have been very successful at polarising Americans, even though both parties policies are the same in all important areas.

The politicians and the media put on an entertaining show and the electorate don't question it.

The current system of Corporate control of America remains in place, to the detriment of ALL ordinary people.

Appendix 1

It was pretty funny when Karl Rove lost it on national TV and refused to accept the Ohio result.

He thought he had rigged it (via the Ohio vote counting servers going down at 11:14pm).

http://truth-out.org/news/item/12845-anonymous-karl-rove-and... Karl Rove had obviously not been cut into the loop as to the desired result for this election. He should have listened to Ben Bernanke - that is who I listened to when he announced QE3 a few weeks before the election.

Appendix 2

Republican 2012 voter/election fraud.

Nathan Sproul, Strategic Allied Consulting, Karl Rove and Reince Priebus.

Appendix 3

Florida voter fraud by Democrats



Ohio voter fraud by Democrats

Colorado voter fraud by Democrats

N.B. The above are just a selection of voter/election frauds, there are many other instances on both sides that could of been included.

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no one speaks out because none of them have clean enough hands to do so. but what they are forgetting is that in this country the crimes actually have to be committed to do any real time... so let them commit all the felonies they want, but make sure you keep your own hands clean because their days are numbered and replacements will be needed.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

because we deep down know we are powerless in their system

My strategy would be to embrace this powerlessness in their system and focus on the things where we have power.

The primary reason they pushed everyone to vote was/is to get us to believe we have power in their system.

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Thanks for the list of references, Ian.

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Great Post!

I have been sounding the alarm about this particular topic for a long time and am at a loss as to why more people seem unwilling or unable to work together to stop it. Until this one issue alone is solved any real change is going to be next to impossible to achieve. We do not need to verify all the votes across the country to prove voter fraud in a court of law. We only need to be able to verify the liberty votes. If we could find a way to set up a secure website and promote it nationwide where people could go onto the site and register their vote, even if they are just given an id# exclusive to them to maintain privacy, we could verify the actual number of votes for whoever the liberty candidates are and check that against the publisized results.

I am not very tech savy, but do not think it would be too difficult for someone that is to set something like this up. Once we can legally document the voter fraud we can then litigate the matter in a court of law and force something to be done about it. If anybody is willing to give it a go I would be willing to donate my time to help with the process, as I would hope many others would as well.

This is a problem of paramount importance and must be dealt with if we are ever going to get these criminals out of power!

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And there is one

thing we can be certain of...neither the establishment or the media is going to help in any way to solve this problem. If it is to be solved it is going to have to be done by we the people, working together to solve it.


Because both parties are involved in the corruption.

The GOP is legally restrained from stopping vote fraud.

I've posted it here a couple times, no one seems to understand the implications. There is no "taking over" the GOP without inheriting things like this legal settlement.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Help me understand

Help me understand. When a political party files papers, do they agree to not pursue voter fraud? How would that stop individual people from filing a complaint with their local clerk & recorder, or the person who is in charge of the voting? If individuals are aware of fraud, they should go after the fraud individually without waiting for a party to do it.

In 2008 McCain was not constitutionally eligible. He was born off a military base, in a non-US hospital in Panama. Nobody seemed to care about this issue. And Obama's father was not American, so Obama is not constitutionally eligible. It is interesting how the two big parties both nominated ineligible people.

Here are the lawsuit settlement terms.


I don't know how it works. But I know there has been evidence aplenty of fraud, and even Ron Paul has not pursued an investigation. Maybe you can explain it to me?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

So let's inherit it

so we can change it.

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I don't think

an agreement which prohibits a person or party from stopping or preventing a federal crime is enforceable in a court of law. Could someone sign an agreement stating that they can not report it to authorities if they witness bribery or a robbery taking place? You can not enforce a contract which promotes or condones illegal activity. That is just a smokescreen designed to make people think that they can not do anything about it.