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Do you dream of a better world?


A lucid dream is where one realizes they are dreaming but stays asleep and continues the dream. I learned to do it by looking at my hands several times per day, and telling myself to find my hands in my dreams. It is a remarkable experience. Understand that in the dream state, you are free to do whatever you wish - including seek out and destroy your enemies. While it has no immediate effect on their physical being, energy is energy. Who knows what could manifest in this world if there were a concentrated effort to get those who love evil out of our dream world?

I do believe the Mayans pinpointed a time of major upheaval. The nature of that upheaval is up to us. By reclaiming our dream-time, we may be able to help manifest a better world to wake up to. Many will agree this is a spiritual war. Well, let's get our spirit bodies in the battle, then. For some very interesting information on this topic, learn about DMT.

Sweet dreams!

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double post


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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i used to

but not so much anymore
at one time i could actually change my dreams
make them what i wanted(they were mine after all)
dreams are a way of fixing problems,from daily struggles
to things that are wrong
problems in life can be dealt with with dreams,many of times
i would fix problems with my dreams,in the morning i would have the
answer(and it would work)
but them days seem all but gone,as i do not dream so much anymore
the medical establishment knows this,but still hands out their crap
and knowing full well they slowly kill you,and robs one of life
and dreams
so yes i agree,whatever you can dream you can also achieve
dreams are more real then what the eyes of these shells see
and try to comprehend(eyes can be deceived
but aren't dreams just a conflict between what the body sees,and what your spirit knows?(it has been around since time began after all

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I believe

The Mayan story is a crock designed by the dramatic elite who wanted to give their heirs a prophacy for the "next generations". IOWs I believe it is a hoax.

I first learned about the Mayan Calendar in 93, took a class at Orange College in Orange County CA. Got a great book that is off the market and I loaned but it was never returned.. "Surfing the Zavuya". I was concerned for years, wondering what living in ether meant.

As for dreams.. go for it. It's one place you have nothing to lose.