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In the Ultimate Media War, Governments Target Reporters (Video)

In the Ultimate Media War, Governments Target Reporters (Video)

Governments Target Reporters Worldwide

by WashingtonsBlog
Posted on November 26, 2012

We’ve reported that reporters are an endangered species, are targeted as terrorists, and journalists have been killed all over the world. And see this.

The New York Times notes:

In many parts of the globe, its profession is under murderous assault.


“Targeting journalism has become a trend, and now the people who are harassing and killing journalists include governments as well as the people you would expect,” said [Alan Rusbridger, editor in chief of The Guardian].

Journalists who dig into murky and dangerous corners of the world have become accustomed to being threatened and sometimes hunted by drug lords and gangsters, but now some governments have decided shooting the messenger is a viable option. The [Committee to Protect Journalists] reports that government officials and their allies are now suspected of being responsible for more than a third of the murders of journalists, a higher proportion than killings attributed to terrorist groups or criminal enterprises.

Scroll down for video:

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