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Dirty cops treat Good Samaritan like a thief, man sues them for $1 million

(NaturalNews) Yakov Dubin is not likely to do anyone a good deed for a while, if ever again. Society has the New York City Police Department to thank for that.

Dubin, 49, was acting more like a Good Samaritan than a petty thief when he was busted by plainclothes officers recently after taking $27 from an old purse he found lying in a local park.

Police had left the money in the handbag, which Dubin described as very old, very dirty and smelly. He says he took the cash so he could turn it in to authorities but before he could, he was arrested and accused of stealing the money instead.

"It was a very bad experience," said Dubin, a successful real estate agent from an Atlanta suburb who has since filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the NYPD for wrongful arrest.

"I'm a law-abiding citizen. I've never been arrested, and for them to put me in handcuffs in the middle of the day in front of my kids was humiliating," he told the New York Daily News.


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I am pretty sure this is

I am pretty sure this is entrapment and entirely illegal. He should walk.

Fire the useless goons. Find

Fire the useless goons. Find useful work beyond framing people for minor offenses. We, taxpayers, want our money back, i.e. the savings derived from FIRED police.


actually suing us, the taxpayer. This doesn't faze state/government officials because: Deficits don't matter and they can print as much money as necessary to offset any abuse until the conditioning of complete rule is accomplished

He is a thief.....

Why did he take the cash out? Was the owner of the "CASH" supposed to come down to the police station to identify it? If he was really going to "turn something in" he would have taken the whole purse to the authorities. How is someone just supposed to identify cash? This story is dumb, and he sounds guilty to me...

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So there aren't enough real crimes

taking place they have to make some up?

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The criminals deserve each other

Entrapment plus robbing a purse in front of your kid makes me not feel sorry for anybody in this story.

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Now how can that be stealing if something was left behind

with no owner in sight.


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He took just the cash to turn in to law enforcement? And left the purse that could identify who it belonged to there?

Yeah RIGHT!!!

I don't agree with the practice of these police offers and indeed this should be entrapment. But still. Come on guys.

Pretty sure that's Entrapment

should be an open and shut case.

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I hope he wins the lawsuit

It's the cops who should be charged and thrown in jail with the city crooks.

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Time to move out of the city.

Time to move out of the city.

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