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Mondays With Murray: Rothbard On The Drug War

Let’s get right into it this week, with a clip of Rothbard speaking on the drug war.

Rothbard accurately describe the war as “a war they can never win – it’s perfect”! This accurately describes the intent of the war on drugs. It is not meant as some winnable war where one day the U.S . government will declare “victory”, as Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine and LSD march out with treaty in hand and salute the Commander In Chief before signing the terms of surrender. That would be crazy, of course, but no crazier than the idea that the government can fight a “war” on certain substances that an individual may choose to put in his body.

Rothbard finishes by saying that “the whole thing is so crazy, it’s gotta bust up, and we can be in the vanguard of that and we oughta get off our tails and do something”. It may have taken some time, but the American public is finally beginning to awaken to how inhumane and wasteful it is to put sick people in jail for using medical marijuana. As some U.S. states begin to legalize the herb, and more and more states discuss the idea, it will open up the greater conversation of the absurdity of the larger war on drugs.

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Increased drastically on the drug war in the list 30 years and instances of drug addiction stayed constant. What a joke!

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Biggest waste

Of time, money and lives all to stifle personal liberty