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Brought to you by the same government that will deliver us from economic collapse: U.S. Planned On Blowing Up Moon With Nuke

Report: U.S. Planned On Blowing Up Moon With Nuke. (not the Onion either)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — Would Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin even had a moon to walk on if the United States had its way in the 1950s?

During the height of the Cold War, U.S. officials debated whether to detonate nuclear bomb on the moon in order to send a message to the Soviet Union, the Asian News International reports.

The secret project dubbed, “A Study of Lunar Research Flights” and nicknamed “Project A119,” was seriously being considered until it was scrapped because military officials were worried it would hurt the people on Earth.


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In 50's

it was more about H-bomb race.

US detonated it first, but the system was a 3-story building to house equipment to keep hydrogen liquid. That meant no delivery was possible.

Four years later USSR detonated H-Bomb with completely different design that did not require liquid hydrogen. USA wise central planners had a bigger fish to fry than moon.

The Daily Paul is getting really bad

The Daily Paul is getting as bad as the MSM we are constantly criticizing. Hitting the moon with a nuke is not the same as blowing up the moon. Two totally different things. Since when did we become as obsessed with sensationalism as the MSM? Plus, some news outlet in Asia is not a credible source of information. This has no place on the front page. You are embarrassing the libertarian movement by making us look naive.

Relax ...

ridiculous Yes! but you have no proof they were not considering it and by censoring news you have violated a Libertarian tenant and are out of bounds...Plus I think solving our fiscal crisis by raising the borrowing limit is on par with this story and belongs on the front page to show those that doubt how insane our warden really is!

Hot Chocolate and cookie for you

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

they are khazarians and they dont give a $hit about life

this goes to show that they would rather us all dead than lose power... unless a more efficient strategy is brought forth

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Wow. Uncle Sam is crazy

Wow. Uncle Sam is crazy sometimes.

Can the nuclear blast be delayed

until Newt establishes lunar residency?


i'd rather strap him to the rocket!