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"FA$T CA$H: Easy Credit & the Economic Crash" (Music Video by Dorian Electra)


Inspired by "The Parable of the Broken Traffic Lights" by Economist, Steve Horwitz: http://fee.org/the_freema...

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hey is this the same chick that did

that love song to Hayek?

oh YES it is!

Only on the Daily Paul...

Can you get a song about economics stuck in your brain.

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The economy is tricky, it's a coordination game.
Like driving on the highway, knowing when to switch your lane.
Traffic lights coordinate those who go and stop.
The price of credit coordinates those who save and shop.

That fast, fast, cash how fast can you get it?
Pump that gas, gas, gas, inject easy credit.
But will it last? Or will you regret...
The market crash, crash, crash, and don't you forget it.

If consumers save up, it means they're more willing
To wait before spending, before shedding a shilling.
What they put into banks, the banks can now lend.
Banks lower interest rates to get producers to spend.

Producers borrow big, when that interest rate's low.
To start up big projects that take a while to grow.
They assume the low rate means consumers want to wait
Saving up for big, big purchases at a later date.


The Central Bank has got some tricks to keep the market booming.
Injecting excess credit, keeps consumers consuming,
It keeps producers producing, but consumers won't buy.
They haven't been saving, as the interest rate would imply.

Green light (GO!) red light (STOP!) keeps them in check.
But if all the lights are switched to green, OOO! they're gonna wreck!
Consumers' and producers' plans get all discoordinated.
When the credit supply has been inflated.


Lots of easy credit's like diluted gasoline.
It says the tank is full enough to fuel up your machine.
You get out on the open road a thousand miles away,
But it's not enough to get you home, so on the road you stay.


All that fast, fast, cash seems like a dream.
But easy credit from the central bank turns all the lights green.
Everyone's going at once, they're gonna crash.
Beware of central banks pumpin' that fast, fast cash.

"FA$T CA$T: Easy Money & the Economic Crash" ©2012 Dorian Electra

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Houston, we have embed! I think it's an awesome video. :-)

It's sweet

And hopefully they pump some fast cash for making it.