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Public Schools now teaching Boston Tea party as terrorist event

What else would you expect from Government run statist schools.


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Here's the original source


Apparently, the teachers were planning on using the Boston Tea Party as an example of how propaganda works to twist our view of events. My problem with it is, they really need to make a clear image of exactly what the Boston Tea Party in the student's minds first for this to not completely backfire. I can very easily see this as teaching that terrorism could be any act or attitude in defiance of the government (which is a false definition), to justifying how it's okay to kill those who harbor terrorism, or even to show how it's understandable for foreign nations to protect the terrorists. In a society and a culture with a clear moral standard, this exercise could work, but I wouldn't trust it in public schools today.

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The cancer eating America is

The cancer eating America is spreading... It is leading to a civil war most likely... This scum needs to be purged from America!

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They told my son

That indians dressed up like "white people" and threw all the tea out of the ships.

That's pretty pathetic.

WTH, Are you sure thats what

WTH, Are you sure thats what they told him? Because thats just outright false. I would probably go down there and crush them with a peice of my mind.(because I doubt they could carry the weight from simply being given a peice, haha)

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You have to volunteer at the

You have to volunteer at the schools. Truth Will Out.

Teach about constitutional money and CHEMTRAILS.

The state is allowing the

The state is allowing the teacher to teach something, instead of enforcing its own views on him or her.

This is actually one of the few reasons why tenure is a good thing for teachers. It does us no good to fire teachers for saying controversial things. Especially since it looks like the teacher was trying to teach the idea that the term terrorism is a relativist term.

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While I agree in principle...

This is an example of the Liberal Progressive ideas of moral reletivism. These are the people who teach that the Constitution is racist and a "living document" that must be reinterpreted. They teach that the Founding Fathers were misogynist, slave-owning, tax dodgers and we shouldn't listen to what they had to say.

Revisionist history is a tool of our nations destruction. Our children are not being taught what it means to be an American. They aren't being taught the meaning of freedom and liberty. They're being taught that their rights are gifts from the government like birth control and welfare and food stamps and free health care.

I don't that is the point of

I don't that is the point of moral relativism. Moral relativism would forgive the founders. The point of moral relativism is not to judge anybody. Contemporarily, it is used to excuse the barbaric practices of those in the Middle East or Eastern Europe by saying "that is just their version of morality".

Moral relativists do tend to have "living document" view of the Constitution, because that is how they view morality and society. They are primarly concerned with the morality of their society. Since the Constituion was written in the late 1700s, with influence of that society, they do not think it very relevant to today's society.

As I said before, moral relativists would say of the founders "there actions cannot be judged", or, "they were incredibly moral and forward thinking for their time" (judging them in the context of their own era).

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a



This article presents some

This article presents some misinformation in that it does not disclose the full story. The teachers objective is very similar to:

"For Whom Would You Vote?"

The teacher gives a profile of these "terrorist", no mention of "tea" or any other specific commodity, no mention of time period, or anything else specific to the Boston tea party, and then ask the students who they think these terrorist are. The teacher is teaching that just because someone fights for their freedom, THAT does not make them a terrorist.

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Thank you for explaining.

Here's a link to the full story the above link used...


Moral reletivism at its worse. Trying to morally justify the indiscriminate murder of men, women, and children by comparing it to the destruction of property. No one was killed during the Boston Tea Party.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, bullsh*t! When their target is civilians, women and children, they aren't freedom fighters, they're murderers. Freedom will never come from terror, only hate, revenge, and reprisal.

"A terrorist group today

"A terrorist group today killed 6 civilian when they bombed a wedding that was in procession. This same terrorist group is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 120,000 civilians, men, women and children, over a 7 year period..."

What terrorist group does this refer to?

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Your refering to either us or Israel...

and I don't deny that what we've done or Israel is horrible and must end. I don't have any sympathy for the Palestinians and their indiscriminate murder either.

You can't compare the destruction of tea thrown into Boston Harbor to the indiscriminate murder of men, women, and children.

That nobody died at the Tea

That nobody died at the Tea Party is not to say that it was not comparable, it led to a bloody war in which the Revolutionaries were none too noble in their own actions toward the Loyalist who opposed them.

War in general during the times of the Revolution, and most the way up till WWI, was conducted in a much different way. It was generally fought out in fields away from towns, near forts or at sea. But in more recent history, since the Industrial revolution has brought people into the cities, it is fought in cities and towns. The Arabs have been under occupation since WWI, and have lost FAR more of their wives and children than Westerners/Israel since. Losing one's mother, father or whole family breeds hatred that lives on for continuing generations.

Britain/France conquered and divided the Ottoman Empire in WWI. Churchill desired to maintain a large military force there in order to maintain their superiority, but he was unable to convince Britain to do so. Between WWI and WWII control over the area was virtually lost. So after WWII they installed Israel in the region, and then the western countries began funding them, helping them economically to expand, and economically to build up military strength. Israel was installed in this area for the very purpose of maintaining instability in the region, and it has been highly successful. Israel is a British tool, installed BY Britain, FOR Britain. If any region begins to unite, there's a orchestrated war as a result. When Iran/Iraq went to war, we funded both sides in order to ensure that neither side won thereby creating one unified country. When Saddam went rogue on them, they took him out so they could install ANOTHER puppet regime. Now they have no puppet running Iran...

The Middle East has been fighting for about 95 years to REGAIN their independence from Westerners. It is the Middle East policy of these Western nations that is killing women and children. If westerners would just take their puppets (including this faux Israel) and leave, then it would all stop. That's all these people have been trying to do for the last 95 years, regain their freedom from foreign tyrants.

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You have...

You have a superficial understanding of the history of the Middle East. I don't even know where to begin and I don't have time to educate you right now.

And this is in the same state

that's so super cereal about secession?

Also, killing two birds with one stone by demonizing both tax protestors AND the "Tea Party"?

(Then again, it's basically the Tea-o-con Party now...)

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Somewhere in the world, there is a revisionist

that needs their ass beat. lol

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Nothing ...


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