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Boston Tea Party was a "Terrorist Act"

A school in Texas is teaching young children that the Boston Tea Party was an "Act Of Terrorism" What's next?


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I guess for some people

the possibility of being free is terrifying.

This teaching method is much

This teaching method is much the same as:

"For Whom Would You Vote?"

Those "terrorist" of the Middle East are doing much the same to their "Occupiers" as the Colonial revolutionaries did to their "occupiers". Terrorism in the Middle East does not go back to the establishment of Israel, it goes back to the conquering efforts of Westerners in WWI, only from WWI up until Israel they were considered as the opposition forces, now we demonize them as terrorist in order to increase support for the continued occupation (Israel with Western funding since 1947, Britain/France before 1947 ) of the Ottoman Empire.

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