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Rule #1, do not look for a natural gas leak with a drill bit.

this is off the scale of stupid.
Natural gas is methane, it is lighter than air and only burns in 3 to 9% concentrations.
I have personally found underground natural gas leaks. and I did NOT use a drill bit.
@ 2.07 in the video you can see our fine pigs. (people in government) holding up the copper pipe. and of course. "proper procedure" was followed.....


lock down the perimeter and load up on supplies people.
we have become a nation of idiots.

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From the article: "That audio

From the article:
"That audio was captured from the ShotSpotter system that is normally used to pinpoint gunfire."

The hell? Do we have audio recording systems hidden away to pin point gun fire in neighborhoods?

Southern Agrarian

I was surprised also.

the whole video is surreal to me....
"proper procedure was followed" and "we saved lives"
it just makes me sick when I think of all the other guys out there looking for a gas leak right now.....
but they do not work for a public utility do they?

I don't get your post ...you're saying somebody

made the hole in the pipe with a drill? That's not what the news report said..they implied the hole was already there..and zero mention about drill bits..so i have no idea what you are talking about?

I will credit the gas company...

I will credit the gas company with openly accepting responsibility, this should be the norm and not the exception to the rule. Thumbs down for the explosion, thumbs up for coming clean.


I sure wish I could have been there...

I would have given them a lighter so they could see better....as I stepped quickly back of course.. lol

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you can stop a natural gas leak, with your finger.

even a "high pressure" line is only 5 PSIG. the pressure in most lines you might ever see is measured in inches of mercury. or in. hg. that is LESS than one puppy fart.
a potato or a wax candle will also work. but until you get one....
just keep your finger on it!!!!