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Is the Drone Pilot watching you bored?

"You might park a UAV over a house, waiting for someone to come in or come out, and that's where the boredom comes in," said researcher Missy Cummings, a systems engineer at MIT. "It turns out it's a much bigger problem in any system where a human is effectively baby-sitting the automation."

Such mind-numbing work can impair performance by making it difficult for an operator to leap into action when intervention is necessary. Cummings and her colleagues have been looking for ways to keep drone operators alert during tedious downtimes."

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Watching my daily activity

Watching my daily activity induces death from boredom.


you ..... Yes

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


I was agreeing with you on my Bill Maher comment. Sorry if you didn't understand... Feel free to revisit and down-vote all of my old posts, if it makes you feel better.

and yes, watching me would be very boring... Have a good night.