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Author Thomas Ricks Accuses Fox News Of 'operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party'- Then Abruptly Gets Cut Off

Thomas Hicks (who has authored books on the military) was interviewed on FOX about Benghazi.

But he quickly turned the tables on FOX and called them out asking "How many security contractors were killed in Iraq???

Of course the FOX host didn't know (or care) because FOX has politicized every war they've covered.

I'll bet if a republican administration had been in office during the Benghazi attacks, FOX would be quiet as a mouse about it.

In this video, guest Thomas Hicks busts FOX on it and they don't like it!


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Wow he served that up without

Wow he served that up without flinching or stuttering. Nailed that helmet hair pretty hard.

Southern Agrarian