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Black Friday Brawl: Violent Fight Erupts At Sacramento Mall (Video)

Oh, the spirit of the holidays.

A Black Friday sale at an upscale mall near Sacramento turned ugly when a large brawl erupted outside of a Victoria’s Secret store. The alleged source of the argument: a pair of panties.

According to Fox News, the fight started when a pair of women argued over a bin of sale underwear at Westfield Galleria at Roseville. The fight soon escalated as three men who may have been with the women began exchanging violent blows. One of the men fell to the ground and was kicked in the head repeatedly.


And that's over shopping... Can you imagine what things will be like if there's a food shortage and/or the economy collapses?

I sure hope some of you that thumb your noses at things like this with "it'll never happen to me" kind of outlook will not do so on what people are trying to tell you to expect.

If you love your family.... start preparing.

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The fat woman should be at

The fat woman should be at the Gym or jogging instead shopping for sexy undies.

Isn't ironic to have XL and XXL “sexy lingerie” when they can't even reach to wipe their ass properly.


near my city too. I know that mall and with what I've observed of the Roseville inhabitants could have happened any day of the year.

Like 3 years ago some crazy decided to light the gamestop on fire, took out a 1/4 of the mall.

Holy underwear, Batman!

That's in my city. Shame.

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