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Judge Napolitano This Week: TriHealth Firings, and His New Book. (Mentions Ron Paul)

Theodore and Woodrow

Part 1:


Part 2:


TriHealth firings over flu shots


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Judge Nap is awesome!

Judge Nap is awesome!
Just got his 3 in 1 book. It has Constitutional Chaos, Constitution in Exile, and Nation of Sheep all in one book. I'm pretty sure it's out of print, but I got a used copy on that online auction site. ;)
You can still get an electronic version on Kindle, Nook, etc. though.
Just waiting for it to arrive in the mail now.

everybody who interviews the

everybody who interviews the judge anymore just sits and listens to him they all seem interested to learn when he talks, this man is so smart i want him running for president in 2016

I can't wait...

to dig into this book. I've got my democrat/republican (same thing) puke-bucket cleaned and ready.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

His book on Amazon

Out of 9 reviews, 3 were negative. Mostly from progressives who read just the first page they can preview for free.


The Judge also discusses his book with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck?!?!?!?!

The KING OF FAKE-TEA, FAKE-Libertarian, FAKE-conservative?!?!?!?!?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Publicity is publicity my man

If the judge can get through the gatekeepers and expose people like Beck's audience to some real hardcore information why not? Maybe they'll even stop listening to Glenn Beck afterward

Easy labeling

should not deter people from learning HOW fake Glenn Beck is.

For example, in non-fake DP comments, Wolf Blitzer was called a "Zionist trash" or "NWO shill" when we did not like his interview with RP or something else, when we liked his interview with RP.


is truth. And I'm well equipped with the "how," if anyone needs elaboration.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

I want to know the how, please.

I think he crossed over to the dark side at some point (or maybe I'm the only person who thinks he was actually a good guy at one point??) but I'm not sure exactly what happened...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I saw that interview

I just couldn't bring myself to soil the pages of the dailypaul with Glenn Beck. lol

I know the sentiment

Some afraid to soil DP "purity" with Glenn Beck, others with Ayn Rand.

But the whitewash will give DP readers a perception that Judge Napolitano is only supporting Ron Paul while in fact the Judge supports Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ayn Rand, Gary Johnson, Glenn Back, Reason Magazine, many others who can contribute in any capacity to liberty.


The LAST thing we want is purity. STOP THE WHITEWASH!!!!!!!! We NEED Limbaugh, Hannity, Romney, Santorum, Bachmann, West, McConnell, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Levin, Medved, Coulter, Ed, Wasserman, Olberman, Matthews, Gingrich, Armey, Morris and EVERYBODY!!!!! Dittoheads!!!! "Great 'mericans"!!!!!!! The "Hannitized"!!!!!! Tear-soaked Christmas sweaters!!!!!! Winking Grizzly-mommas!!!!!!! (each and every one will claim to be "for Constitutional Liberty")... right?

No, actually what we DESPERATELY NEED... WHAT IS CRITICAL... is purity. Beck is an absolute FRAUD. A CANCER. He does nothing BUT WRECK ANY CHANCE TO RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY. Rand "playin' the game" Paul is an EMBARRASSING Establishment sellout WHO'S ALREADY CHOSEN HIS SIDE (Establishment). It's great that the Judge can appear on Beck's "shows" (republican propaganda shows), BUT NEVER THINK THAT THEIR PHILOSOPHIES ARE COMPATIBLE!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

You see

I take your irony seriously, but as an intellectual drawback.

As Ayn Rand had taught - always use your own mind to understand all concepts involved in a theory you accept (Ron Paul does not care - do what you want, he would say, as long as you believe in liberty.)

For example, rejecting Marxism does not mean it is a waste of time to study it. To make his OWN judgement, one must know
1) why socialism was popular at the time;
2) why it is not workable;
3) why it is still a popular dogma today.

Same with Glenn Beck. People should know why he is more popular than Ron Paul. And why many of his ideas are not correct.

Actually "studying" Glenn Beck...

is EXTREMELY DAMAGING. He will warp, twist and bend history and current events, so as to blame democrats and champion republicans. Nothing is more illustrative of this than his STUPID, STUPID chalkboards that are NEVER EVEN CLOSE to accurate.

And Glenn Beck is "popular" for the same reason his democrat twin Van Jones (whom Beck FALSELY claims is his arch enemy) is "popular." They lie. Ron Paul is your parent who tells you to "eat your vegetables." Glenn Beck and Van Jones (same thing) are the "cool" uncles who let you gobble a bag of cookies after Daddy goes to bed. OF COURSE they're popular!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.