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Infowars Reporter Stands Up To TSA Intimidation (Video)

Infowars Reporter Stands Up To TSA Intimidation (Video)

David Ortiz experiences the TSA, NYPD first hand.



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I recently flew and

I recently flew and encountered the caring TSA at all four airport stops.

Las Vegas was the worst. They had a very loud, obnoxious TSA agent who seemed to be in charge of watching people go through the radiation machines. I raised my hands to the sky like a good serf as the man sitting at the desk checked out my package via the monitor. The obnoxious TSA worker lady was still going on and on about "this is why they chose me for this job"... "i'm the best"..

Uknowingly I left my lighter in my pocket which must of alarmed them. I showed them the lighter, stuck it back in my pocket and was told to walk over to "those guys". Now they pulled out some cloth and started to wipe the palms of my hands and placed the cloth in a machine to test for explosive residue.

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I flew from east to west coast for Thanksgiving

with my wife and 9 month old son.

We didn't really have any issues but they did have to test the baby powder formula both times which was weird. I guess we looked like we were gonna make a bomb with it.

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A nice show put on by the CIA

A nice show put on by the CIA disinfo agents. Alex Jones' publishing editor in chief is a CIA-Stratfor agent.


Blessings )o(

I'm flying out of the country in December

And I'm really not looking forward to getting hand-raped by the TSA. Anybody have any good/bad recent airport experiences they'd like to share?

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

when I see this kind of heavy handed govt control

I feel so disgusted, I want everything to fall apart and just start over.

Wow! Idiots in uniform

Listening to these people is making me feel like I'm losing my breath. Same old tactics too like talking right over you as you speak to frustrate you and then they ask unrelated questions to confuse you.

Props to the reporter for keeping calm during the whole thing.

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well im glad

everyone here got a taste of how police behave around her in the East Coast. Cops here are dicks and will push you in every way to arrest you and lock you up.

IMO that guy had it easy with those police officers in NY, they would have lock him up right then and there if it wasn't for the camera.

and dont think for 1 minute they would have cleaned out his camera if they didnt find anything they could actually throw him in prison for. Call it personal property if you will, NYPD dont give a shit.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Why do people play into their shit.

Same as this reporter... Stop being such fucking pacifists.

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