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Participate in the discussion on storing gold and silver

Saw it today on Fatwallet: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1238519/

"So, trying to avoid wall of text... Have a relative of modest means, owns own house, stable job. Liquidated their retirement 401K and bought gold and silver. I have a built-in safe in my house, this relative has been sending me their retirement savings to store. At first, it was just a couple of coins so I figured it was no big deal, but they have sent their entire coinage to me which is sitting in the safe.

I must add that this is a relative of my wife, which limits my options somewhat. As I see it, I can get a rider for my homeowners insurance to cover the coins and write the cost of it off as a christmas present to this relative. Or, I could tell this person to take the coins back and put them in a safe deposit box in their city, which would make more sense to me, but again, it is a relative of my wife which limits my options. Or, I could be clear that if the safe is stolen/whatever then this relative is SOL on the coins. Or, I could plan on keeping all the shiny metal if there is a zombie invasion.

Don't get me started on liquidating your retirement for shiny coins. I don't even think I can have that conversation. Was happy to put a couple of coins in the safe, but this has gotten a bit out of hand."

Read the comments, here is the American press educated folk, it would be good for some of you to put your two cents on the discussion...

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Thanks for the link, but...

I just made a post that deals with just what you were concerned about... Though the idea that I am trying to educate people with here on the DP is not age related, I think young people may like to also consider Bitcoin as a store of (some) value for their future economic wellbeing.

Okay, I know, it is still just an experiment and all... but if you can stand the heat, this kitchen is FULL OF ACTIVITY and EXCITEMENT... and cooking up a huge one for the FED et. al. to chomp on!

Check out this post, if you have a minute:


Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]