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RP's Amazing Fundraising and Rally Recognized by MSNBC

MSNBC hailed the fact that Ron Paul's latest rally in New Hampshire drew over 800, more than any other candidate has drawn in the Granite State.

They go on to point out this amazing fundraising feat:

Last week, they asked supporters to raise $500,000 on the Internet. They passed that in three days, and ended up toping $1,000,000 by the end of the week.

Wired compares this to John Edwards' similar plea:

John Edwards' senior campaign advisor Joe Trippi sent out a note to supporters Sunday evening asking them to top up their pledges to reach the $1 million online fund-raising goal that the campaign had set 10 days ago. The e-mail said that the Edwards campaign had, at the time the note was sent out, almost reached the goal. It had raised almost $921,000 online.

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Four Titanics and One Iceberg, Ron Paul?


Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this article on usadaily.com

These will be streaming in I'm sure... enjoying the comments on the msnbc piece and msnbc has since published another one - shorter, but also favorable.

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