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Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! (TED talk)

One of the most amazing TED talks I had the privilege to listen to. I highly recommend it, so please watch it, share it and most of all learn from it!


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it's funny

how he uses quotes you'd expect from rothbard or mises alluding to stabilization being chaos and then he tosses around 'sustainability' lol.

great talk. i just ran across it from http://anarchei.me and went to repost it and realized how old it was.

don't give a damn. needs to be resurrected.

The speaker's

presentation was riveting. His ideas were great, and it seems they've been very successful in uplifting foreign countries.

I didn't care for the bit about 'nobody started a company alone,' but this was definitely one of the best TEDs ever.

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He is not referring to the

He is not referring to the "Democrats" idea of "nobody started a company alone". He was referring to the fact that nobody can do everything in a company.

For me it was a friend that talked to everybody in the industry about what I had to offer. He did this for free. For someone else, they may need to hire a sales person, or they may need a family member to manage the financial side or they may partner with a friend.

I would never have a business like I do now if it wasn't for someone like my friend doing the "sales" side for me -- even though I was somewhat trained in sales. I can't be motivated enough to work on both sales and "making". If I try, one always slips off the raidar.

ten thumbs up

everyone watch this right now!

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

TED talk = globalist propoganda

Sometimes a good idea or inspiring speech is just that and nothing more, sometimes it is not. Look into The Sapling Foundation (TED talk). Google "the sapling foundation united nations" for some insight. Just sayin'.....

I watched the video and do see some appeal...

but it is a clever disguise for fascism that is happening all over this country. These planners and facilitators are opportunistic investors. Look into your own local government and you will find them placed *everywhere*. These are public/private partnerships. It is real bad locally right now so I am particularly sensitive to it maybe, but it is what it is.

Sorry you felt my post should be down-voted, but I understand some people cannot see this. Things are not always (ever??) what they seem. That's not Grandma in the bed Red Riding Hood.

Thought it was great. This

Thought it was great. This guy hit right on the entrepreneurial free-market process from a different perspective. this would be great to show to the liberals.

The comment about the 1001 car manufacturers in the US in 1900 was interesting as well.


Not one person found this talk amazing enough to leave a small comment?!

The title makes it sound like

The title makes it sound like some kind of emotional support advice that I'm sure most people don't want to hear.


You don't see this already posted on the frontpage? :) Not many comments there either.

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