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Facebook Owns You, Always and Forever

Gizmodo: Bad news: the "copyright notice" you've been reading (and sharing, ugh) is completely bogus and a waste of everyone's time. Facebook owns the photos, videos, and statuses you upload, and that's not going to change just because you say so.

But here's something you can do that might actually make a difference.
When you signed up for Facebook, you agreed to Facebook's Terms of Service (ToS). These are the rules you agree to play by so long as you use Facebook, period. They're Facebook's rules. Odds are you didn't bother reading the ToS before you signed up, because Facebook was new and exciting and who ever reads that stuff anyway? No one does.

Half a decade or so later, we're still bound by those rules—and that means that, despite all the hoaxes floating around today that might tell you otherwise, Facebook owns the pictures and videos you share. And you can't opt out, ever, because you agreed to this...

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I 'deactivated' my account today. The final straw was the map on the timeline. Its too creepy. People can tag you anywhere and it goes on a little map on your page. I couldnt take the map off my page and just said the hell with it. What also bothered me.. is how do I know that Facebook isnt mapping me already?

I also disliked how I would be on different sites and it would automatically have my facebook account linked. I understand this is a public forum, but I also like to have a degree of privacy.

Mr. Nystrom had some cool thoughts on the internet.. paraphrasing.. That 'the internet is now kinda like the wild west.' I agree. It is becoming to pervasive for my liking.

I like Tumblr and Instagram. Less politics. :)

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Daily Paul > Facebook

I've never made an account on The FaceBook...

I do my socializing on The Daily Paul :)

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Facebook can't prove you created the account

even if it is from a home computer. Facebook has to prove it was you who created the account. I could create account for a brother sister or other relatives, post pictures and comments. All a person has to do is denies they created the account. Facebook has to prove you did create the account.

on your account post this
Without Prejudice UCC 1-207
When you use "without prejudice UCC 1-207" you are saying, "I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement."

But here's something you can do

that might actually make a difference --> cancel your account. :-)

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It doesn't make a difference

Facebook doesn't delete any of your information when you cancel your account, in case you decide to "come back". All that happens is the account is hidden from public view, and even that can be easily bypassed by many (not to mention those running/maintaining FB, or have [legal or illegal] access to their databases can see every change made to one's account, similar to a wiki page edit history.)

People can also take screenshots, save the webpage(s) to hard disk, or repost the info on any other number of places. It's all uncomfortably easy to do, too.

The above can be said for lots of sites though, in all fairness. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've come across just by using google cache and waybackmachine.

At best, you'll be able to "hide" from those who either aren't looking very hard, or lack the (easily acquired) knowledge to perform a proper data mining effort. Best thing is to not put too much personal information out there in the first place.

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Well, people voluntarily sign

Well, people voluntarily sign up for facebook. Facebook is a private (public) company, so they can do what they want in my opinion. If you don't like it, don't use FB.

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not quite true

i have not voluntarily signed up for FC
but i do have one NOW!!
i signed into my email acct one day,and had a confirmation
email from FB about this acct
but what was just as strange,is they FC acct has the same email
and password as my email acct
i have no idea how this come about,and i am not liking it so much

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

Own?...that's funny...

They may own the rights to photos and posts and videos, but they will never own the memories associated with them. Let us not forget we have the originals at home, stored as developed photographs, cassettes, CD's, DVD's and written transcripts, if you've posted poems or essays. Let us not forget that Facebook is not going to come to your residence and claim ownership of things you paid for and own rightfully by payment and contract, so who really cares what they own...I would propose that they probably own so much revolutionary, dissentive and honest talk that they would have no idea how to claim rights or why they would be claiming rights to the very type of speech they are helping the government monitor...truth may be owned, but it is a futile effort to own what you cannot control.

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It might be worthless or it is worthless

BUT people are talking about it and suddenly realized Oh SH@#$T...got to be carefully of what I post...



Not really.

That article doesn't really do a good job of explaining Facebook's rights vs your rights.


Does a better job of explaining it. They don't own the photos, they have a royalty free license on them while you have the photos hosted there and have an account open.

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