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Paul Volcker Escorted and Confronted by WeAreChange

by wearechange


At a gala for the NY Economics Club, Luke Rudkowski questioned Paul Volcker on his Bilderberg attendance and the Federal Reserve. In a previous video, Volcker acknowledged being a member of Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission but stated that the Federal Reserve was "the most insidious" organization he's been a member of. This time Luke had the opportunity to have a longer conversation with Volcker since he was lost at the event and couldn't find where he was supposed to be, so we had the interview as we helped him navigate around the hotel. As it turns out, the place we were helping Volcker find ended up being the room that Ben Bernanke was in waiting to have his picture taken, which is where Luke confronted him. Although Volcker was most likely not too pleased to have been confronted with the questions Luke asked him, he at least talked to us and didn't immediately call security as Bernanke did.

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Vockler was one of the best

Vockler was one of the best Fed head we've ever had. He had the guts to go against conventional wisdom...

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Great vid

one of the best so far

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Luke is what

Adam should have been. Lovin' Luke.

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Can't decide if he's

Can't decide if he's suffering from dementia or is just drunk.

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Leave poor Paul alone.

Peter Schiff already fried his circuits. Have you ever seen that video? Schiff asks him: "you said our problem is we borrow and spend too much, then you go on to praise the stimulus, which has the specific goal of borrowing and spending even more. How is the problem the same thing as the solution?" And Volcker just kind of incoherently mumbles about who knows what until the other guy on stage bails him out.

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sad, but . . .--

oh well--

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