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Rand Paul Makes It To The Top 100 Foreign Policy Thinkers In The World...

Rand Paul makes it to the top 100 thinkers on Foreign Policy in 2012.


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I don't think this holds any water -

Obama is #7
Hillary Clinton (!) [w/ Bill] is #3
Paul Ryan #8???
Bernanke #15 (!!!)

And based on the above, I'll give you one guess as to where Ron Paul is. How on Earth do they come up with this stuff. What a terrible list.

I think this is judging their

I think this is judging their influence with regards to foreign policy. Ron Paul is of course right, but isn't prominent in shaping US foreign policy. Rand to some extent is, because of his filibusters.

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I Think It Is Cool...

...based on the fact that his name is appearing more and more places and he is becoming more popular.

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I agree on that.

As the revolution continues hopefully liberty-minded folk will slowly invade these lists as people see what happens to the World when people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Paul Ryan have power and influence.