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New petition - sign it! Make Ron Paul Speaker of the House! You Know What To Do!

Now, there's a petition!



I received this e-mail from Cal this morning, & it really gave me a thrill! Let's DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia Kennedy, Delegate/Nevada
There is a pet project of mine I'm working on, and that is stoping John Boehner from becoming Speaker of the House in the upcoming session of Congress. We might even be able to replace out some of the other Leadership positions in thbe House and Senate. As some of you might be aware, the Speaker position does NOT have to be a member of the House. I've been a caller on XM Patriot 125 Radio several times discussing this issue with the Hosts. Two of them, Andrew Wilcow, and Mark Levin have stated that Ron Paul would make an excellent Speaker, and that they could support him as Speaker of the House! Yes, that's right, think of it, Ron Paul as Speaker. Ron Paul, with the second most powerfull position in the Federal Government. Ron Paul with control of the Federal purse strings. Ron Paul setting the agenda for the House. Ron Paul with the unique power to draw up Articles of Impeachment on an un-Constitutional President. All it takes is for us to flood the Republican members of the House with E-mails and phone calls insisting that when they cast their vote on Jan, 3rd that they vote for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul may not be interested in the position. There are many other viable candidates both inside and outside of the House. Here are a few of the names that have been brought up. Some I can support whole heartedly, some not so much. Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann (Minnesota), Justin Amosh (Michigan), Louie Gohmert(Texas), Paul Gozar(Arizona), even Paul Ryan(Wisconsin)(I couldn't support him as Speaker, but I could as House Budget Chairman. )
Names for Senate Minority Leader, Jim Demint (N Carolina) Rand Paul (Kentucky), Mike Lee(Utah).
Please help getting this out. Get a national dialog going on who would be the best person to fill key Leadership roles in the House and Senate.

So if you'd like to help with this effort, call your congressman and contact everyone you know in every state you know, and urge them to do the same. Even if the people you know don't support Ron Paul as Speaker, urge them to contact their representative to vote for who they think would make a good Speaker. Just letting our representatives know that Boehner is not acceptable as Speaker will shoot a huge shot across the bow of the Republican establishment. For to long the establishment has controlled the agenda. It's time for the people to speak up.

This tactic can also be used to replace Mitch McConnell as Minority Leader of the Senate. same thing for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. You see where this is going. Make the call to your representatives. Contact your friends in the Tea Party movment. Reach out to the Christian Coalition. Help the American Electorate empower themselves. Let them know that we are all in this battle together to restore the Constitution, and preserve our Liberty.

"Liberty is the key to Salvation"
Thanks again for all your time and efforts.
in Liberty,
Cal Robbins

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Replace Boehner w/ Ron Paul for speaker of the house

bumping for the night owls. Members of the house can select as speaker of the house someone who is not a member of congress, if they so choose. Let's encourage them to choose Ron Paul by signing the petition and then showing petition results to congress (Justin Amash and others)


We don't need a Boehner in the house, we need a doctor!

get the word out

just now found out about this via twitter, over a month after the petition was created :(

Signed and let's get the word out, make it viral!



this was mostly Cal's doing & if you disagree with him, fine. But, you won't disagree that Ron should have this job! Sign the damn petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think again

Who are you? Your lost in your thoughts of who would be a better Speaker, the names you wrote imply
those persons respect Liberty and an open transparent process, they do not ! In fact they prefer to hide
the fact they agree with Boner and all things Patriot Act. I feel sorry for you, that you don't yet "get it".


youre right ausscyn.
im sick of that cry baby.
I never saw ron paul cry...
why would the house elect a cry baby to be the leader of Americas House??
what an embarrassment boehner turned out to be.\
Ron Paul would move "evr so swiftly" if given the house gavel.
heads would most definitely roll!!! and roll to jail i suspect! maybe even a few executives from the executive branch as well!
hell, he might even open up the jail under the Capitol bldg that has been closed for a century and throw them in there using the Capitol Police!!! I can dream cant I!! and I do!

Ron Paul for Speaker of the House!
if not.

Ron Paul for governor of Texas!
if not.

Ron Paul 2016 or

ron paul damn it!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


signed it!

go for it

Interesting idea, and why not. If we galvanize the troops and get some attention to this, who knows. It will be met with fierce resistance, but if there is enough popular support and radio personalities it is possible. Especially after the crushing GOP defeat...Worth a shot!


In advertising the two best words to get attention are SEX and FREE.
To use SEX showing up in the comment headers will get em in..[laughing]Those who are here, true huh?
Just so it's legit.......
It's SEXy to promote Ron Paul for Speaker!!


I like this idea. I did not

I like this idea. I did not know that one could have those positions without being a congressperson. Very cool!

Here's a good slogan:


Maybe the 'neocons' will get behind that.

Seriously, boehner needs to go, and asap.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


As of January Ron Paul will no longer be a member of the house, so how could he be speaker?

You don't need to be a member of the House

for the position. They tried to get the post for Gingrinch years ago, after he'd left.

Boy, there are all kinds of stupid

topics on here today that have a life, & this one gets hardly any attention at all. WTF????



Another bump