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Ron Paul set a courageous example

Rep. Ron Paul gave his farewell address on the House floor on Nov. 14 after serving 23 years in office over a 36-year span. During that time, he fought tirelessly and courageously for us, the people. He couldn't be bought by special interests, and his political pursuits weren't for self-promotion and didn't come from ego.

He was the leading promoter of liberty, peace and prosperity on Capitol Hill. His search for the plain truth of things motivated him to bravely stand in opposition to several of the traditional policies and practices that undermine our full potential as a nation.

Mr. Paul educated us on the importance of sound money and free markets and warned us of the repercussions of the Keynesian thought process, which is all too pervasive in Congress. He advised against the use of the monetary system as a vehicle to keep the Keynesian machine alive and which ultimately fuels deficits, debt and higher inflation, not to mention a larger (unearned gap) between the rich and the poor — and the loss of hope in the American Dream for many.


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